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Move Romane bangle bracelet size L


Gorgeous Messika Move Romane Bangle features five diamonds set inside a gleaming 18 carat white gold frame. The diamonds move smoothly, creating a sense of fluidity, while the luminescence of the white gold enhances the sparkle of each diamond. One side of the band is adorned with a set of pavé diamonds, with the iconic Messika lettering engraved onto the inner side of the other side of the bangle. Perfect for modern woman, Move Romane Bangle will give an elegant touch to every attire.

Ref: W06515

Retail price: € 8.960


18 carat white gold


17-18 cm







Messika: Atelier

The temple of creativity

Craftsmen and artists work together on the same dream. They found the sense of their lives to achieve the vision.

Messika: The magic of creation

The magic of creation

Every piece of jewelry goes through many hours of creating. The jeweler set, repeat and perfect the position of each diamond all over again to the ultimate perfection.

Messika: Femininity on a pedestal

Femininity on a pedestal

The ideal woman is solid and stable. Besides everything, she is great, even glamorous. She’s a role model and the support to the weak ones.

Messika: Vision

Messika vision

The Messika’s vision is wearing diamonds that come out of rare and special occasions and becomes your daily companion.


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Move Romane bangle bracelet size L

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