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Petite Geneve Petrovic - Messika

Petrović Diamonds rings

Celebrate love with a perfect ring that is just as enchanting and unique as your emotions. Choose Petrović Diamonds engagement ring decorated with flawless diamonds.

Petite Geneve Petrovic - Messika

Petrović Diamonds earrings

Each and every pair of our jewelry are handcrafted with impressive attention to details – only the finest quality, perfectly matched diamonds allowed.

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History and traditions

Diamond is the only gemstone that is created of only one element-carbon.

About diamonds
The formation and properties

The identity of minerals is best described by the way it is formed.

The story behind the diamond
The story behind the diamond

Thanks to the mystique and prestige that they have, diamonds have become something that people around the world are eager to decorate their jewelry and watches.



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Multibrand boutique

Our Multibrand boutique is located in the hearth of Belgrade and offers brilliant pieces of Tudor, Messika, Roberto Coin i Petrović Diamonds brands

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