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Symphony earrings

Roberto Coin

Symphony earrings in 18kt rose with diamonds

Ref: ADR777EA0751_P


18kt Rose gold







Roberto Coin: Story about the Ruby

Story about the Ruby

Each of Roberto Coin jewels tells a different story, a story that fills him with the unmistakable charm of uniqueness and identity of style.

Roberto Coin: Personal Identity

Personal Identity

The mission of this brand is to create inspiring jewelry that surprises and will not be boring at all.

Roberto Coin: Creator, Roberto Coin


Borderless imagination and sense for romantic and beauty have found its way to tell the story through the hands of the historical a renowned Italian jewelry artisans.

Roberto Coin: The ruby

The Ruby

By combining civilizations and those three chapters, Roberto Coin found the inspiration for an intense but unique symbol of creativity in rubies.


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Symphony earrings

Symphony ring

ADR777RI0751_15 € 2.060

Symphony ring

ADR777RI0751_145 € 2.070

Symphony ring

AR777RI0621 € 700

Symphony earrings

AR777EA0621 € 800

Symphony pendant

AR777CL0621 € 800

Symphony bracelet

AR777BA0621_01 € 2.500

Double Symphony earrings

ADR777EA0915 € 3.120

Double Symphony bracelet

ADR777BA0915_01 € 8.860

Symphony ring

AR777RI0623 € 600

Symphony necklace

AR777CL0623 € 800

Symphony earrings

AR777EA0623 € 800

Symphony bracelet

AR777BA0623_01 € 2.300

Symphony ring

AR777RI0622 € 500

Symphony necklace

AR777CL0622 € 800

Symphony earrings


Symphony bracelet

AR777BA0622_01 € 2.600

Symphony ring

ADR777RI0751_Y € 2.200

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Our Multibrand boutique is located in the hearth of Belgrade and offers brilliant pieces of Tudor, Panerai, Messika, Roberto Coin i Petrović Diamonds brands

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