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One need not look far to realize the immense challenges associated with the making of a successful ladies’ watch: even today’s versatile and extremely competitive watch industry is very much short of truly stunning, elegant and timeless ladies’ timepieces. One of the standout models that have bridged decades, stood the test of countless fashion crazes and the fierce test of time is the Rolex Datejust collection. To see how so, we have picked a selection of three Datejust 31 and two Datejust 36 pieces currently availble at Petite Geneve Petrović boutique in Budapest

Three absolutely stunning Rolex Datejust 31 pieces, picked from the impressive selection available at Petite Geneve Petrovic Budapest boutique

The Datejust, originally launched back in 1945, stroke a remarkable balance between aesthetics and functionality – a combination of both that, as time has proven long ago, never goes out of style. With a legible and clear time display and a date indication set into a window at the 3 o’clock position on the dial, further highlighted by the iconic “Cyclops” magnifier lens, the Datejust appears to work brilliantly in any case size.

The unique, cloud-like beauty of a mother-of-pearl dial, set with diamonds on this piece

Currently, the range goes from 28 millimeters all the way to 41, with models also coming in 31 and 36 millimeter-wide cases. We picked some of the 31 and 36 variations because these are among the most popular sizes for women for easy to understand reasons: they are widely considered to be of the ideal proportions for women when taking into consideration what sort of watch looks neat, powerful, elegant and graceful on a lady’s wrist.

The Datejust 31 – perfect proportions and fit for a ladies’ wrist

The Rolex Datejust 31 is a relatively smaller option in the collection – albeit still noticeably larger than the so-called “cocktail-sized” Datejust 28. This size is what many will consider to be the perfect harmony between the delicacy associated with a smaller sized watch, and the presence and statement that a more generously proportioned timepiece can make.

The three versions of the Datejust 31 that we see here today are all a Rolesor combination of Oystersteel and 18ct gold and are all matched to the Jubilee 5-link bracelet. First, let’s discuss materials: the Rolesor “two-tone” look is yet another harmonious combination that is not a compromise, but rather an ideal solution to the eternal question of what is the perfect material for a watch. The lustre of precious gold and the neutral sheen of Oystersteel make for an aesthetic that is as elegant as it is timeless.

The Jubilee bracelet looks truly intricate, but never too busy in this smaller size. The way the graciously curved and beautifully polished links follow one another makes it decidedly difficult for the human eye to discern the individual pieces – what it sees instead is a ribbon of gold and steel wrapping effortlessly around the wrist. Another evergreen feature of this Jubilee bracelet is the concealed clasp: this waterfall of gold and steel is only interrupted by a subtle Crown clasp, making this the most elegant and feminine of any metal bracelets on a watch.

Reliable, comfortable and elegant hidden clasp makes the unique pleasure of wearing a Rolex

The fluted bezel – always crafted from gold on a Rolex timepiece – adds to this visual complexity. As the countless facets reflect light in mysterious ways, it is as though the Jubilee bracelet’s unique looks naturally extended onto the watchhead itself. We see the bezel wrap around three very different dials on these Datejust 31 pieces – although many more options are also available for order at Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic.

A black dial with diamonds, Rolesor combination of Oystersteel and gold, and a Jubilee bracelet – a timeless classic

The vivid, colorful mother of pearl dial, set with10 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers secured by gold surroundings make for a genuinely unique appearance, while the deep black dial of the other diamond-set option makes for a darker, yet more elegant and serious look. The green, “sunburst” brushed dial on the third example is a sight to behold: the curved, applied Roman numerals in solid 18ct yellow gold work with the case and bezel in the most natural way possible, whereas the diamond-set 6-hour marker offsets their serious tone.

Breathtaking Rolex Datejust 31 pieces, picked from the impressive selection from Petite Geneve Petrovic Budapest boutique

The two Rolex Datejust 36 pieces that we get to look at today both come with mother of pearl dial, therefore giving us a splendid opportunity to appreciate the diverse appearance this natural material can lend a fine watch. On Oystersteel and 18ct yellow-gold Rolesor, the first variation offers a diamond-set bezel and diamond-set hour markers, and pairs the sheen of diamonds with a bright mother of pearl dial that in this very color and pattern resembles the airy, feather-weight aesthetic of clouds. The Jubilee bracelet holds the 36 millimeter case firmly and securely against the wrist and looks as beautiful in this larger size, as it had done when matched with the smaller lug-width of the Datejust 31.

A Datejust 36 is always effortlessly elegant and natural – on and off the wrist alike

The other piece comes with a steel case and steel three-link Oyster bracelet, but matches these to an 18ct white gold bezel also set with diamonds. The pink pearl dial is set alight with 10 brilliant-cut diamonds, set into 18ct white gold. The silvery sheen of the case and bracelet make the pink dial stand out even more – hinting at a sporty exterior encapsulating a feminine dial.

The combination of diamonds and magical mother-of-pearl creates a magical impression at the first glance

Inside the Datejust 36 we find the manufacture Rolex 3135 caliber that offers 48 hours of power reserve and runs at a frequency of 4 Hertz, whereas the Datejust 31 comes equipped with the manufacture Rolex 2235 caliber, that also runs at 4 Hertz and also boasts an approximately two-day long power reserve.

The Crown: crafted from solid gold and applied on the dial with great care

All watches here, just like every Rolex timepiece produced today, come with the Superlative Chronometer Certification, assuring that the watches have passed the independent COSC chronometer certification as well as Rolex’s extremely demanding in-house quality control tests.


Datejust 36

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Datejust 36

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