Rolex Submariner Date
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Colors have a most special importance in the world of Rolex. Colors to their own have extremely important symbolic meaning as they are interpreted in countless ways in different cultures around the world. Within Rolex, certain colors are retained for specific collections or selections of watches, and the piece we feature today is a prime example to that effect: enter the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date in all-18k-white-gold with a vibrant blue dial and vibrant blue ceramic bezel.

With its blue Cerachrom bezel and color-matched blue dial, the 18ct white gold Submariner Date makes for a vibrant and cool aesthetic

A blue ceramic bezel with a blue dial on a Submariner is reserved for a watch that incorporates precious metal in its construction – let that be a Rolex Rolesor two-tone arrangement with a mix of Oystersteel and yellow gold, or a Submariner in solid 18k yellow gold or solid 18k white gold, this color one will only ever see on such a watch, but never an all-Oystersteel variant.

As such, the piece we are looking at today carries a subtle, but well-understood meaning: it is crafted from the lustrous and illustrious precious metal, in this case, 18k white gold. Another hint at the use of precious materials in a Submariner is the polished center links of the 3-link Oyster bracelet – on the Oystersteel version these would be brushed, just how the external links are.

Even with the factory protection still in place, the outstanding surface treatment of the 18ct white gold case, bracelet and bezel is to be appreciated

Whereas the Submariner and Submariner Date are professional diving and sports watch icons, they have long ago transformed into the perfect everyday companion, a watch at home in the depths during a summer holiday as much as in the gym or during casual to formal everyday occasions requiring attire. Dressed up or down, in the heat of a meeting room or offshore your favorite travel destination, everywhere is a natural environment that it tackles with ease.

On the wrist, the 40-millimeter-wide white gold case sits securely, with an unmatched weight and feel

Crafting such a remarkable watch from a precious material is a celebration of such achievements as much as it is a subtle, but tangible appreciation of the watch's aforementioned transformation from pro-gear to iconic modern lifestyle companion.

With its vibrant blue Cerachrom bezel and its PVD-applied numerals and graduations in glistening platinum, this 116619LB is yet another opportunity for one to appreciate Rolex's expertise in working with scratch-proof ceramic. The dial has been painstakingly color-coordinated with the bezel to create a seamless transition from bezel to dial. As such, legibility remains absolutely stellar, a real treat of the Submariner range, with its large, distinct indices and world-famous handset – all luminescent.

The blue Cerachrom bezel of the solid white gold Submariner Date features PVD applied platinum numerals and graduations

The soft weight and reassuring heft of white gold also transforms the Submariner wearing experience. The slim case – one of the slimmest for a watch that boasts reliable and durable automatic winding, a 300-meter water resistance rating and such robust construction –, as well as the Oyster bracelet all feel different, perhaps more "laid-back" on the wrist, when compared to the Oystersteel version.

The blue dial boasts perfect legibility thanks to the crispness and high contrast of its white-blue colorway

The touch, deep glow, inimitable weight and feel of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date in 18k white gold is only enforced by the unique color combination of a blue bezel and dial. A watch to be seen, admired and appreciated in the metal, for sure – occasionally available at our Rolex Petite Geneve Petrović boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.



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Rolex Submariner Date
Reference 116619LB

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