Messika Glam'Azone necklace

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Everlasting symbol of freedom

Each Messika creation represents the highest expression of fine jewelry with greatest attention to details and careful selection of gems. In its Glam’Azone collection, renowed brand evokes sense of strength and confidence inspired by the mythical history of female warriors. The Glam’Azone collection is expressed through elegant rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Today we are going to present something truly special - meet sparkling Glam’Azone necklace, a mesmerizing piece of jewelry which embodies timeless harmony of gold and diamonds.

Perfect combination of gold and diamonds - the timeless essence of luxury

In terms of design, Glam'Azone is a collection with a modern twist - collection with strong and daring design, which unveils a sensual and confident woman.

By using the lines of the Amazons' arrow and spear, Valérie Messika created this bracelet, a slender jewel ended by an oval cut diamond, encircled by a sparkling circle as a shield, symbolizing strength and liveliness - a collection which portray the independent woman of today. This architectural piece of jewelry is set with 0.15 carats central stone diamond and comes in pink, white and yellow gold, with total diamond weight od 0,20 carats. Meticulously crafted gold chain enhanced by the diamond radiance is a sophisticated accent to any look.

Messika fine jewelry creations aim to stylistic and aesthetic perfection. The Glam’Azone necklace is no exception

A powerful stance and feminine style - designed to be worn and admired

This lavish necklace assuredly draws attention to the neckline with a dominant diamond, which simultaneously gives the décolletage a radiant, feminine glow. Besides the pink version, the Glam’Azone necklace is also available in yellow or white gold

This very special diamond necklace is designed to the contemporary woman in mind, filled with both freedom and wining spirit. The Glam’Azone collection features special design elements, where the center oval cut diamond appears as if it is floating within the diamond aureole. In its chic design, the necklace gracefully captures the attention towards the gentle neck silhouette. The horizontal gold strand emphasizes the structured lines, a detail which infuses strength and boldness.
The pink gold, by its very nature and hue, is very popular all over the world as it prevailed in fine jewelry. Its luminous and original color will, without a doubt, win over refined ladies who seeks for a unique piece of jewelry.


Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch.



Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch.


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Messika Glam'Azone necklace

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