Roberto Coin Princess Flower

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Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Each perfect flower of the Princess Flower collection tells this magical story with graceful design and matchless beauty. To make such extremely delicate pieces, there is no substitute for sublime handmade virtuosity. The result is nothing less magnificient - few pieces last for generations and illuminate the forever brilliance as the jewelry from the Princess Flower collection.

The delicate Princess Flower collection perfectly perpetuates graceful and elegant style that is characteristic of Roberto Coin jewelry. We are delighted to announce that the stunning Roberto Coin’s Princess Flower collection is available at Petite Geneve Petrovic boutique

Dedication to the ultimate symbol of giving and beauty - the flower

From the very beggining, the atelier Roberto Coin has depicted a natural world that is both free and gracious, vibrant and generous and whose distinctive shapes have inspired a unique identity.

Detailing beyond compare: Roberto Coin brings you this exceptional design from the Princess Flower collection. Crafted in a 18 ct gold, the delicate pieces features a beautifully intricate 4 petal flower motif, adorned with glistening diamonds, giving it an illuminating finish

crafted in the finest 18ct gold, the flower-shaped pieces are adorned with diamonds to ensure your look exudes luxury and sophistication

Knowing that, the Princess Flower collection from Roberto Coin is a new paragon of femininity. Crafted in 18ct gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings present a garden of earthly delights. Four petals of precious metal, with and without diamonds, united in a romantic floral pattern.

A variety of jewelry sizes and lengths are available, so the captivating compilation of pieces provide a fashionable flourish to women’s wardrobes. Whatever item you choose from the Princess Flower collection, your beauty will blossom brilliantly, because every piece from the seductive Princess Flower line is so much more than fashionable accessory.

The perfect balance between art and elegance - a gift for yourself, or someone you love

The flower jewel is part of the great creative bouquet. Some surfaces are smooth and some are rough as if to evoke the various attributes. For instance, the iconic shape of the petals of the Princess Flower, the same in every creation, are narrated through an infinite variety of hues.

Be unforgettable - the statement Princess Flower ring is an exceptional example of audacious devotion to the finest detail, which embodies the very soul of Roberto Coin atelier

Explore elegant lines and bespoke, noble materials from Princess Flower collection and awaken your senses like never before.

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


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Roberto Coin Princess Flower

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