Messika Move Classic collection

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Praising femininity

Atelier Messika was born in Paris in 2005 and is ran by a true visionary - Valérie Messika, daughter of the famous diamond merchant André Messika. It is no surprise that core values have been passed down from father to daughter: enhancing the diamond, pushing the boundaries and striving continuously for supremacy. Paying homage to yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's love, Messika presented exquisite Move Classic pieces as a part of its portfolio. Crafted from 18k gold, jewelry from this collection feature beautiful harmony of prestige materials. Through the elegance of its forms, the delicacy of its light and the expressive power of its motifs, each Move Classic diamond creation becomes an ode to a feminine grace.

André and Valérie Messika

A timeless and balanced aesthetic with a classical touch

Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the virtue of glittering diamond with a classic gold touch. Diamonds are ancient yet possess a brilliance forever young. Each piece from Move Classic line is developed around the idea of comfort in order to allow freedom of movement and enduring spirit of emotional pink, classic yellow and subtle white gold. Set with rare diamonds, Messika Move Classic jewelry for women dazzles on the skin, and its beauty evokes unique emotions reflected in the sparkle of its gems and refined lines of its gold. Enhancing a woman’s every move, Messika jewelry unlock a whole world where life is not a dream.

The art of perfect proportions: In this 18k gold version, the Move Classic bracelet for women is easy to wear. The rose tone color is the most favored precious metal with the diamonds, as its glow is very discreet and enhances the radiant effects of each stone - € 3'250

A blend of powerful design and luxurious materials: Messika Move Classic pieces are objects of desire to cherish today and for generations to come

It terms of design, Move Classic promotes contemporary lines, while maintaining classical roots. Messika’s jewels encourage women to underline what they already are: brilliant, sensual and much more. The collection is made for modern women with self-confidence, who choose the diamond as an everyday companion as well as to mark the most beautiful, unforgettable occasions in life. Messika Move Classic also evokes the glamour of the past and remains relevant in the modern world. It is no easy task, at all.

For important moments and occasions, choose Move Classic because diamond details make all the difference. Inspired by an incomparable legacy, they sparkle with charm - € 2'380



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Retail price: 2'380 EUR

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