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Classical beauty

Messika has reinforced its reputation by creating exquisite diamond jewelry line. With the new luxury collection, ladies can now conquer a whole unexplored world of emotions, reflecting a truly unique and versatile style.

In the Move collection, the emphasis is on capturing movement. A combination of classic charm and a stylish finish are creating a unique elegance, presented by bespoke rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Meet Move Romane bangle: The 18ct white gold and diamond bracelet balances the shimmering of a solid gold and the lightness of a diamond strand. An openwork, the modern asymmetry is balanced with the diamonds in motion. In this case, with five stones as a universal symbol of neverending love and perfection

A tribute to Messika tradition – lavish temptation in three gold colors

The pink gold ring trend is definitely here to stay. This diamond and 18 ct pink gold GM Pavé ring belongs to one of Maison Messika's most iconic lines. A ring with a brilliant-cut micro setting complements the sparkle of a pavé ring with larger diamonds. Between the two, a ring shimmers with a brilliant-cut diamond pavé with a grain setting. What brings these three rings together are their three diamonds, the Move Collection's signature

The iconic Move collection from Messika has adopted a contemporary asymmetry, presenting smooth ribbons of gold, threads of diamonds and the company’s signature of the three or more diamonds in movement to deliver the Move Romane collection. The sensual selection narrates the union of elegance and timeless luxury. As a classic story with a touch of fabulous chic, Messika moulds creativity into essential creations with a golden soul, giving life to a multitude of shapes and pieces with prestige diamonds.

Move Romane: A discreet symbol of emotions with mesmerising diamond glow

Innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship have been at the core of Messika’s creations. Linked to heritage, irresistible Move Romane collection from atelier Messika is new paragon of excellence. The secret of Move Romane pieces is in their ability to suit any style. The Move Romane, with its untouchable simplicity, imposes itself with subtle elegance among those sought-after objects, which are destined to become legends.

Move Romane GM Pavé

Ref: P07205

Retail price: 6'650 EUR

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Move Romane GM Pavé

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