Messika - Collection Move Noa

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Jewelry that gives freedom: Wearable Emotions

Designed in a contemporary and haute couture style Messika diamonds are easy to wear. Nevertheless, they are also comfortable and applicable to every style.
As the daughter of a renowned diamond merchant, Valérie Messika draws deep in her family heritage for her eponymous jewellery brand’s Move collection in Noa edition.
Unique Move Noa design combine classic, highly defined lines with a delicate geometric details, creating sensuous curves that lure the eye and fixate the attention.

Magnificent jewelry is handcrafted and set with three brilliant cut diamonds in motion. It is a variation of the Move collection, called Move Noa - the first name of one of Valérie Messika's daughters

Move Noa: The power of a feminine appearance

Simplicity and elegance, combined with the sparkling rhythm of the diamonds as they respond to the wearer’s every movement, makes the Move Noa rings and bangles a true must-have this spring

Take an inspiring message with you everywhere you go with these exquisite jewelry pieces. An iconic collection from Maison Messika in an even more dazzling interpretation, featuring the distinctive three moving diamonds.

In its gold version, the Move Noa jewelry stands out with its subtle lines, gleaming solid gold and sparkling diamonds. Like a ribbon, Noa jewellery pieces twine delicately and comfortably around wrist, finger or neck.

Handcrafted with love: Between tradition and modernity

If you're looking for glamour, Messika is the perfect designer.
Harmoniously combining charm and minimalism, this heirloom worthy design is constructed from 18ct gold with a sublte inset with a trio of sparkling brilliant cut diamonds, surrounded by a cluster of pavé set diamonds for continuous sparkle.

A blend of strong design and desirable symbolism. Move Noa timeless elegance makes for an everyday look that is both stylish and casual. This Move Noa pavé ring is perfect to mark a precious moment. It can be worn like a refined engagement ring

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Move Noa pavé bangle bracelet size M

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