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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in full 18ct Everose gold is a watch like no other. And, as such, it is a watch that is to be seen in the metal to be fully appreciated.

A watch almost begging to be worn: with its 40-millimeter-wide Oyster case and sublimely comfortable Oyster bracelet, the GMT-Master II, even in an all-gold presentation such as this one, is designed to be worn extensively, over the years and decades to come – with great pride

In an effort to preserve the long-term beauty of its pink gold watches, Rolex engineered and patented a new and exclusive 18ct pink gold alloy called Everose. Cast in Rolex's own gold foundry and introduced in 2005, Everose has become the only version of pink gold that Rolex relies upon when crafting the exterior of its precious timepieces.

Every all-gold Rolex in the world brings with it a gravitas that other watches simply cannot replicate; what renders the GMT-Master II in full 18ct Everose gold so special is that it, in a way, combines that deeply impressive presence with a style and color scheme that renders it one of the most relatable, most casual – but no less outstanding – among all-gold Rolex watches.

The exceptional finishing of the 18 carat Everose gold case, bracelet and bezel makes for a breathtakingly harmonious aesthetic when combined with the silky smooth, scratchproof surface of the GMT-Master II's Cerachrom bezel insert

Once held in hand and examined under different lighting situations, one will find that Everose gold displays a range of familiar-looking colors: from red-ish amber to more yellow hues, truly and deeply depending on the prevailing lighting conditions. These hues correspond well with a wide range of skin tones.

On the wrist, the GMT-Master II in its full 18 carat Everose gold exterior looks and feels absolutely fantastic. Everything one loves in the GMT-Master II, re-imagined in the luster and splendor that only Rolex gold can provide

It is this resonance with the color of – many different types – of the human skin that allow the GMT-Master II in Everose gold to display a truly unique balancing act between the splendor of an all-gold timepiece and the everyday wearability and versatility of an Oystersteel or Rolesor "two-tone" version.

Whereas Oystersteel is famed and loved around the world for its ruggedness and high-performance construction, Rolex gold, such as the exterior of the GMT-Master II we are presenting today, stands out for the absolute purity of its base materials.

Its splendid gold external shell requires great aesthetic companions, and indeed, every other element of the full Everose gold GMT-Master II received exactly those.

The brown hue and jet black of the Cerachrom bezel work in inimitable harmony with the rose color of Everose and the black of the dial.

Although it was launched as recently as BaselWorld 2018, the dial of the GMT-Master II in all Everose gold arguably displays a charming vintage flair, with its gold text and brown and black, "Rootbeer" Cerachrom bezel

A scarcely specified, but always appreciated detail is the fact that every gold watch has darker, shadowed areas – it is rare that every part of a watch's exterior is fully lit at the same time.

The folding Oysterlock safety clasp, crafted from solid 18ct Everose gold, completes the lustrous exterior of the new-for-2018 GMT-Master II

On the wrist, the 40-millimeter-wide and slender case and three-link Oyster bracelet sit as comfortably and snugly as one might have already grown to appreciate in other Rolex Professional pieces. The folding Oysterlock clasp – also beautifully finished and crafted from solid 18ct Everose gold – features a 5-millimeter Easylink comfort extension link.

Bringing back the famed "Rootbeer" aesthetic with a brown and black Cerachrom bezel insert, the Everose GMT-Master II presents the collection's iconic aesthetic in a bold, yet deeply likable new light

Rolex currently does not create any other all-Everose version of the GMT-Master II than the one pictured here: with the so-called "rootbeer" black and brown Cerachrom bezel and a black dial with gold "GMT-Master II" text and 18ct rose, rendering this the piece to have and unique in its singularity.

We would be delighted to introduce the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in numerous different variations to you in our Authorized Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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GMT-Master II

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