Roberto Coin Petals

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Femininity at its best

Roberto Coin is driven by his innate love of fashion and art. Combining these two creative worlds together the Italian jeweller creates exquisite and unique designs that reflect his signature style and personality.

Precious petals decorate your body as symbols of never-ending love. With delicate lines and first-class materials, Roberto Coin Petals also captivate everyone's attention

We grew up counting flower petals and repeating he loves me, he loves me not in what was a veritable ritual of love. Perpetuated by popular tradition with a hint of vintage, he loves me, he loves me not continues to represent a hope for love, which as we know, is a hope that never fades. The Petals collection has a stylized design, of total purity.

The number of petals is always three, which symbolizes perfection.

Out of the ordinary design. Roberto Coin Petals collection are made fot those who dare in their style. Meet Petals earrings in 18kt rose gold with turquoise, mother of pearl and diamonds

Symbol of love – redefined

Unspired by the beautiful petals of a flower, the Petals Collection is a fresh contemporary take on this classic shape. Set in 18K yellow, white and rose gold with diamonds and precious gemstones this collection will excite all Roberto Coin collectors.

Once again, the flower is center stage, interpreted in a stylized design with an effect that is reminiscent of absolute purity. It’s no coincidence that the number of petals is three – the number that symbolizes perfection and essentiality.

Explore perfection of craftsmanship and materials with jewelry which brings a little sparkle into your nights - choose Petals earrings in 18kt rose gold with black jade and diamonds

Romance without limits

Malachite, mother of pearl, diamonds, jade and vivid turquoise light up the crisp outlines with color.

Colour your life with Petals jewelry. Elegant and sophisticate silhouettes make these earrings a summer statement

From the nude tones that evoke the colors of the earth in the versions with petals covered in pure gold to the versions with corollas in combinations of exuberant colors, the Petals collection adventures into the most exotic of ambiances.

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Petals Black Jade earrings

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