Roberto Coin Pois Moi pendants

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The holiday season is upon us and we are all looking for the perfect summer accessory, a jewelry which complements those unforgettable nights. Pois Moi has always been considered as one of Roberto Coin’s most incisive collections. After all, in 2014 it was recognized as Best Italian Jewelry Collection in the world and today is a brand icon and frequently plays a leading role on the pages of fashion magazines. Explore Pois Moi necklaces and pendants in a range of classic and modern styles for every occasion.

Bespoke craftsmanship and daring aesthetic makes the Pois Moi collection the perfect summer accessory

Pois Moi: simplicity is perfect just as it is

Summer is a great stage for jewelry lovers. As you shed off the layers, there's more room to show off the glamour on your skin.

To fully maximize your look and take advantage of the warm and seductive summer, try these essentials: accessorize your style this summer with Pois Moi pendants.

In the timeless manner gold in enchanting colors is the supreme element of the collection.

Roberto Coin Pois Moi pendants

Easy to wear and highly versatile, it will touch your essence. This beautiful diamond pendant from the Pois Moi collection by Roberto Coin is a wonderful example of classic Italian elegance and style

Roberto Coin Pois Moi pendants

Love is an endless circle, that keeps on shining. Adorn yourself this summer with the striking textures and unique patterns from Roberto Coin's Pois Moi pendant collection

The high fashion edition also has diamonds that wraps almost each piece in divine opulence.

Moreover, the famous polka dot pattern is ultra-modern with a hint of vintage, inspired by the “television-shape” trend of the 1950’s.

A touch of grace in the summer holidays

Roberto Coin Pois Moi pendants

The difference is in the details, because we all deserve a little sparkle. This pendant is shaped of his signature 18k gold with the shimmer of diamonds framed by a series of playful and discreet divots

Each Pois Moi piece celebrates the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology, contemporary fashion and vintage style. It is not just jewelry but a veritable new mood to wear, genius and revolutionary. Sizable or discreet, simple or daring in Pois Moi pendants lineup you will find the perfect piece of jewelry for the everyday or a special night out.

Roberto Coin

Pois Moi necklace

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Retail price: 5'350 EUR

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Pois Moi necklace

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