Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

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The spirit of Eternal City

Roberto Coin’s jewelry is renowned for its alluring femininity and its unshakeable roots in Italian art, architecture, and history. The lively spirit and fluid structure of Roberto Coin pieces embody the colorful and vivacious energy that runs deep within the culture of Italy.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

This gorgeous Roberto Coin pendant necklace, from the Roman Barocco collection, features an sophisticated touch that will transform your elegant style

The intricate weaving and diamond setting of Roman Barocco pieces is typical of Roberto Coin’s attention to detail and design.

With their easy to wear look, the jewels in the Roman Barocco collection are modern and suited to everyday life while maintaining all the majesty that inspired them.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

Founded in Vicenza, the City of Gold in 1977, Roberto Coin jewelry celebrates the elegance of femininity, creativity and craftsmanship. The Roman Barocco collection is inspired by the beauty and architecture of the Eternal City

An ode to the lights of Baroque Rome

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

Roberto Coin’s new Roman Barocco rings use woven gold and diamonds to reimagine the architecture of Italy’s capital

Roberto Coin has long been known as the master of working with gold. His designs have delighted people around the world for decades. Thus, it comes as no surprise that one of his most recently revised collections, Barocco, would blend richly woven gold and diamonds for designs that are scintillating.

The new line is a play on complex baroque looks of 17th century Italy, but in a thoroughly modern interpretation. The pieces in the collection were inspired by the architecture of Roman buildings and include two different looks with a common thread – the woven gold wire technique which is the leitmotif of the collections in the renowed Barocco family.

The Roman Barocco pieces open a new act in artisanal production that embraces technology without forgetting its glorious past

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

Crafted in 18k gold and set with shinny diamonds, these luxurious, handmade square shape version earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Elegant and striking, these earrings combine the warmth white gold and the natural sparkle of diamonds perfectly

Diamonds have also been used on some pieces to create a play of light to reference the light shows that were popular in the Baroque period of the mid 17th and early 18th centuries.The Roman Barocco collection takes its cues from the buildings of the city, including the iconic Italian cupolas – decorative domes that cap the city’s buildings and dot the skyline. It also transforms these architectural hallmarks into precious jewels using woven gold wire, a technique that is synonymous with the famous Roberto Coin Barocco collections.

Roberto Coin

Roman Barocco earrings

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Roman Barocco earrings

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