Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

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Irresistible beauty

Exclusive jewelry by Roberto Coin atelier is a unique mixture of imagination, uncomparable creativity and aesthetic values. The ancient twisted jewelry technique has now returned to center stage in this breathtaking collection.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

In this version, attention to detail and precise manufacturing culminate to reveal a twisted gold thread technique - € 1'700

As a result, the Roman Barocco ornaments now open a new chapter in artisanal production, a chapter that embraces contemporary trends without forgetting its exceptional roots. Distinctive design, classic look and impressive craftmanship are the words that describe the Roman Barocco collection the best.

Inspired by the past, crafted for the present

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

Exclusive Roman Barocco earrings for pieced lobes with diamonds in 18kt rose gold - A great classic flawlessly shaped to contemporary style - € 3'910

Named after the Italian word for famous historical era, this Roberto Coin line embodies the heavily-detailed, ornamental style of the Baroque period.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry is renowned all over the world for its alluring femininity and its authentic roots in Italian architecture.

It is no surprise that each year many of Roberto Coin’s creations are chosen by celebrities and movie stars to accompany them on the most popular and prestigious red carpets.

However, Coin’s pieces do not simply pay homage to the culture that inspires their designs, they are also incredibly diverse and sensual.

Easy to wear and harmonic in shape, the Roman Barocco jewels reveal all the intensity and majesty of jewelry artisans.

Roman Barocco pieces are heavily influenced by the cathedrals and charming scenery of Rome.

However, each of Roman Barocco jewels is telling a different story, a story that shrouds it in the unique beauty and charisma.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

Touch of luxury: romantic Roman Barocco pendant in 18kt rose gold with diamonds features an sophisticated silhouette that will completely transform your style - € 1'700

Roman Barocco: An elegance beyond time

In Roman Barocco design, Roberto Coin atelier has combined a feminine diamond setting with his antique twisted gold thread technique. The result, is an entire collection of jewelry whose shapes and reflected lights and shadows are reminiscent of Rome’s most beautiful places.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco

A gentle fairytale of lights among the fingers: Three row design in 18kt rose gold with diamonds make these ring ultra-wearable - € 3'760

The pieces were inspired by the architecture of Roman palaces and reproduce vaults and cupolas covered in diamonds. The study of the proportions and the play with shadows and light are reinterpreted using the woven gold thread borders that embrace the jewels and the decorations illuminated by precious diamonds.

Roberto Coin

Roman Barocco pendant

Ref: ADR777CL0869

Retail price: 1'960 EUR

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Roman Barocco pendant

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