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Rolex Sky Dweller - Ref. 326934

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is an astonishing achievement of 21st century mechanical watchmaking. It is among the most complicated movements Rolex has ever produced, and yet that complexity is disguised with an elegance and ease of use entirely unrivaled. Today, we are delighted to be presenting you the Sky-Dweller with an 18kt white gold fluted bezel and otherwise all-Oystersteel exterior, fitted with a crisp, white dial.

Rolex Sky Dweller - Ref. 326934

Technically marvellous and mighty impressive in its every configuration, the Sky-Dweller marks yet another unrivaled moment in Rolex watchmaking history. Seen here with the 18kt white gold fluted bezel with the rest of the case, as well as the Oyster bracelet being crafted from beautifully finished Oystersteel — Rolex’s especially corrosion-resistant stainless steel

The Sky-Dweller is an annual calendar, dual time zone, Ring Command controlled, self-winding Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Feature-packed but remarkably intuitive and easy to use, the Sky-Dweller, as its name implies, has been designed specifically for jet set world travellers.

Rolex Sky Dweller - Ref. 326934

Equipped with a Saros annual calendar, the Rolex Ring Command system and a second time zone indication, the Sky-Dweller is a singular combination of technical prowess and clean-cut design. From its lustrous exterior and off-centered dial layout to its Manufacture Rolex Caliber 9001, it is an exercise in modern watchmaking that has reached ultimate refinement

Its annual calendar, called Saros and named after the astronomical phenomenon of the same name, relies on the trademark date display at the 3 o’clock position with a magnification window, as well as twelve displays arranged on the periphery of the dial, directly next to the twelve, 18kt white gold baton indices.

This complication allows the Sky-Dweller to accurately adjust for every 30-day month, advancing the date and month displays instantaneously at the end of the 30th in those months. The only time, once a year, when the Rolex Sky-Dweller requires modification by its owner, is at the end of February, to advance the displays to the 1st.

Modulation of the Sky-Dweller’s indications can be performed through the joint use of the Twinlock crown and the Ring Command bezel. The crown operates in the same way as it does on every currently produced Rolex watch: it is a screw-down crown that can be used to wind the movement or, by pulling it out, can be rotated to set different indications. However, the crown on the Rolex Sky-Dweller has only one adjusting position — and the indication it adjusts can be selecting through the Ring Command system.

Rolex Sky Dweller - Ref. 326934

The Sky-Dweller pairs tirelessly refined proportions with its technical mastery. At 42 millimeters wide, it is among the more generously sized Rolex watches — with its deeply integrated Oyster bracelet endlinks, curved lugs and sublime weight distribution, it offers superb long-term wearing comfort

Ring Command refers to the rotating bezel engineered into the Sky-Dweller. Beautifully disguised — as there are no apparent clues that the 18kt fluted bezel could be rotated —, the bezel can be turned in either direction to choose between four different positions. One is a neutral position, while the other three of the Ring Command bezel positions choose between the setting of the date, the second time zone, and the main time indications. The feedback of the Ring Command bezel, with its smooth glide and solid click, hints at the remarkable engineering that lives within Sky-Dweller.

The movement, Manufacture Rolex Caliber 9001, provides 72 hours of power reserve, replenished by the remarkably efficient and reliable Perpetual bi-directional self-winding system — a trademark Rolex feature.

The caliber allows for the simultaneous display of two timezones: that displayed by the main hands is your local time, while that shown on the 24-hour ring is your home time, when traveling.

A crisp white dial further highlights the functionality-focused engineering of the Sky-Dweller. Its large, 18kt white gold indices and hands, filled with Chromalight luminescence, ensure ideal legibility, as does the magnification window installed over the date display at the 3 o’clock position. Exceptional refinement, proportions and utility render the Sky-Dweller the most ideally suited watch for the jet-set

The triple-link Oyster bracelet, crafted entirely from Oystersteel, is a stellar match in its crystal clear polish to the crisp whiteness of the dial and its 18kt white gold elements. The folding Oysterclasp with its 5mm Easylink comfort extension link further enhances the Oyster bracelet’s famed wearing comfort.

Rolex Sky Dweller - Ref. 326934

The Rolex Ring Command system is one uniquely elegant interface between watch movement and watch wearer. While its appearance perfectly disguises this functionality, when setting or altering any indication of the Sky-Dweller, the 18kt white gold fluted bezel is to be rotated so as to choose the indication that the crown will modulate. With its smooth glide and solid click, the Rolex Ring Command bezel hints at the remarkable engineering that lives within Sky-Dweller

It all goes to show that the Sky-Dweller is indeed a globetrotter’s watch of ultimate refinement and capability — protected by the Oyster case and its 100-meter water resistant construction.

We would be delighted to present you the Sky-Dweller collection in our Authorized Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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