Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

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The Rolex Day-Date Rainbow reference 128348RBR is the 18ct yellow gold version that accompanies its 18ct white gold, and 18ct Everose gold counterparts. All three watches were introduced at Baselworld 2019, aweing and positively surprising the fair’s global audience.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

The 18ct yellow gold Day-Date 36 is a staple of elegant, timeless watchmaking. Its perfectly proportioned design has had over 60 years to prove that it can, indeed, stand the test of time. Reference 128348RBR “Rainbow” is an exceedingly rare and novel take on this watchmaking icon

We have presented in great detail the 18ct white gold variant, and so it is only right that we live with the unique opportunity of showing its yellow gold iteration as well.

The 18ct yellow gold Day-Date 36 is a staple of elegant, timeless watchmaking.

Its perfectly proportioned design has had over 60 years to prove that it can, indeed, stand the test of time.

Having done exactly that, the Day-Date 36 stands on foundations so solid, that Rolex can construct more playful iterations on it.

Behold one of the most joyful and fascinating, yet also very classical Day-Date 36 watches ever produced: the Rolex Day-Date 36 Rainbow reference 128348RBR.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

Absolutely stunning from every angle: the new Day-Date 36 Rainbow in 18ct yellow gold blends classic Day-Date design with some of the most cheerful and beautiful elements of modern Rolex watchmaking

To learn more about the painstaking effort required to craft its bezel, set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds, and to create the full diamond-pavé dial, please refer to our article on the 18ct white gold version that we linked to, just above.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

Crafted by hand, the full-pavé diamond dial is an extremely challenging and tiring feat to achieve successfully. The quality of the stones, cuts and, importantly, their settings is almost certainly beyond one’s imagination, until first-handedly appreciated

For now, let us talk style and playful watch design, done The Rolex Way. When it comes to making any and every part of a fine watch, Rolex is at the absolute forefront of its trade. The Oyster case, the Superlative Chronometer Manufacture Rolex Calibers, the beautifully hand-crafted dials, the in-house precious metal foundry, and the specialized gem-setting department are but a few of Rolex’s highly specialized and uniquely ran areas of operation…

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

On the wrist, the Day-Date 36 impresses with its unique allure, elegance and exceptional craftsmanship

And yet, Rolex still has the capacity to push the boundaries of not just the technical and technological areas, but also those of watch design.

The Day-Date 36 is in itself a watchmaking icon, a watch of such unrivaled importance in the history of the company (as well as the world), that if it were positioned above any forms of experimentation, everyone would still fully understand.

However, Rolex dares to take this horological icon and inject it with unapologetic amounts of creativity and playful joy.

The Day-Date 36 in yellow gold, with the so-called Rainbow dial — named after the perfectly coordinated series of colors radiated by its baguette-cut hour markers — is a perfect example. Dressed up in painstakingly checked, sorted, cut and set diamonds, and set alight with every color of the rainbow, it shows that Rolex intends to not only be at the pinnacle of the technical, but also of the aesthetical elements of fine watchmaking. And it, without a shadow of a doubt, is.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

The President bracelet, with its three-link design and hidden Crownclasp is one of the many defining features and inimitable strongpoints of the Day-Date collection

We would be delighted to present you the Day-Date collection, this watchmaking icon with a special place in history, in our Authorized Rolex boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.


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Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128348RBR

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