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Petite Geneve Petrovic & Mark Webber in Porsche Centrum Budapest

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The Authorized Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutique of Budapest, Porsche Centrum Budapest and Hugo Boss have held a grand and highly successful event, hosted by Porsche Centrum Budapest’s impressive showroom. Our guests had the opportunity to meet and get to know Australian Formula-1 driver and Testimonee to all three brands, Mark Webber, as well as to discover a selection of Rolex timepieces and Porsche automobiles.

A special evening together with Petite Geneve Petrovic, Porsche Centrum Budapest and Hugo Boss meant insightful discussions with world-renowned race car driver Mark Webber, beautiful Rolex timepieces on display, as well as some of the rarest Porsche cars, including an Endurance series racer and an oldtimer 356 Coupé

Mark Webber we have introduced in great detail in our article titled: Every Rolex Tells A Story: Mark Webber. In it, we have discussed his unique life story, his dedication to motor racing, as well as his first Rolex watch, a GMT-Master II, that he acquired in celebration of his first Grand Prix win.

We would like to thank all our valued guests for attending our special evening with Porsche Centrum Budapest and Hugo Boss. Our guests had the opportunity to meet and have their photographs taken with ex-Formula-1 driver and World Endurance Champion Mark Webber, and listen to Zoltán Szujó Formula-1 expert’s interview with Mr. Webber

His major break came in 2009 when he won the German Grand Prix, achieving eight podiums in that championship year. This victory spurred him to get his first Rolex, a GMT-Master II, as a symbol of all the effort and sacrifice he had put into the sport. He made the move to endurance racing in 2014, with that very first Rolex still on his wrist. The rest is history.

Attendees also had the opportunity to listen to Formula-1 expert Zoltán Szujó’s interview with Mr. Webber, along with plenty of opportunities to have photographs taken and chat with the 9-times Formula-1 Grand Prix winning driver.

Mark Webber’s choice of watch for the event was the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in white gold, matched to the 18ct white gold Oyster bracelet and a beautiful blue dial with red accents. To our question, Mr. Webber shared that he still owns and wears the GMT-Master II watch he purchased back in 2009 — and that, along with the Daytona he wore for the event, he also has a Daytona on the Oysterflex elastomer strap in his collection.

Oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona - ref.116509

Oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona - ref.116519ln

We were also there to ask that, after having entered over 200 Formula-1 Grand Prix and successfully raced with Porsche in the highest class of Le Mans, how can a Rolex watch be more and give more, than the adrenalin-infused automobiles he has raced? Mr. Webber, after giving the answer some thought, replied: “A quality watch is more personal an item than any race car, even those with which one owes his career successes. My watch is always there with me and has therefore accompanied me through a great many important memories and successes. Memories and successes that are now attached to it...”

Mark Webber, a Rolex Testimonee and Porsche and Hugo Boss brand ambassador wore his 18ct white gold Cosmograph Daytona during our shared event

And although Mark Webber ranks among Rolex’s select group of global Testimonees, we know that countless Rolex watch owners are out there with the same pride and joy attached to their Rolex timepieces.

We would like to thank our valued guests for attending our event organized in partnership with Porsche Centrum Budapest and Hugo Boss — and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you in our Authorized Petite Geneve Petrovic boutique in Budapest, at Andrássy út 10.

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Cosmograph Daytona

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