Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

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Inspired by the magical beauty of Venice

Roberto Coin’s newest collection, Palazzo Ducale, was inspired by the breathtaking Doge’s Palace in Venice, where the designer himself is originally from. The Doge’s Palace is a beautiful, ornate palace and it is a focal point in Venice, just as these pieces of jewelry are when they enter the room. The Doge’s Palace inspired the use of geometric shapes and the layering of materials and colors in this collection.

Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

Adorn your wrist with this glorious Roberto Coin bracelet. This luxurious designer piece is crafted in feminine 18K rose gold, masterly decorated with sparkling diamonds - € 5'460

It also harnesses the chiaroscuro marble and stone decoration that is typical of Venetian Gothic architecture.

The exterior of the Doge’s Palace is a light pink color from the pink Verona marble that constructs the sides of the palace, this is the reason rose gold is used frequently in the Palazzo Ducale collection.

Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

Fashioned in 18K rose gold, this small Palazzo Ducale pendant from Roberto Coin boasts a striking design, harmoniously mixing black and white diamonds. Inspired by the designer’s favorite architectural landmark, the Doge’s Palace, Palazzo Ducale sets itself apart through its use of geometric shapes - € 1'100

The artistry of bespoke craftsmanship

Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

Brand author of many trends, Roberto Coin's creations are considered exclusive mix of imagination, creativity and aesthetic sensitivity, true works of art. Embelish your finger with the Palazzo Ducale ring - € 2'460

Roberto Coin, who traditionaly spends a lot of his time in Venice, uses black and white diamonds with brushed rose gold to portray the differing colors and textures on the ornate palace. The Doge’s Palace is one of Roberto Coin’s favorite architectural landmarks in Italy, which is why Palazzo Ducale is a special collection that was designed with much consideration and care.

This collection pays close attention to detail in each ring, necklace, and bracelet. This 8th century palace has been added on to and rebuilt many times throughout the years, each time with just as much detail as the original architecture.

Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

Stunning 18K rose gold earrings from the Palazzo Ducale collection showcasing square stations with black and white diamond accents in the center - € 1'580

In old Venetian culture, an extravagant and elaborate palace represented luxury and wealth. Palazzo Ducale bestows all of these features along with elegance and beauty.

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Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale

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