Rolex gift guide for the holiday season

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Finding the perfect Rolex watch to gift to your loved one this Holiday Season need not be as hard as finding a good gift normally proves to be. Upon your visit, Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques staff will be delighted to help you make the ideal choice — but, until then, we thought we would offer a few points of reference to help you make up your mind.

A fine timepiece like a Rolex watch can be designed to serve a wide range of purposes.

Additional functionalities, such as the second time zone indication on the Sky-Dweller and GMT-Master II models may just be the perfect match for someone with an intercontinental lifestyle

Rolex watches are divided into two main categories: Classic and Professional. Classic collections feature watches that are perfectly suited for everyday wear, including swimming and sports — so you never need to worry about their performance. Professional collections on the other hand include watches that go beyond the famous durability of all Rolex watches and add more features that were conceived and engineered to perform under exceedingly demanding use scenarios. Dive time bezels, helium escape valves, chronographs, elastomer straps and extraordinary levels of water resistance are just some of the ways Professional Rolex watches differ from their Classic counterparts.

Before going any further, we must stress once again: under everyday situations, such as going to the beach, traveling or just living an active daily life, Classic Rolex watches will fair just as well, as Professional line watches would.

When contemplating which Rolex timepiece to choose, our first recommendation is to consider the lifestyle of the loved one you are going to surprise.

If their life revolves around long-haul flights, creative or boardroom meetings and some active family time during the weekend, a Classic Collection watch, such as the Datejust, Day-Date or Sky-Dweller, will likely be the perfect choice.

Identifying the correct size for the watch you are looking to gift need not be difficult. We are here to help you make the best choice

However, if they live an extraordinarily active life that includes diving, exploring or driving, a Professional line Rolex watch, such as the Submariner, Explorer or Daytona will by every chance be the ideal match.

Once you have chosen your path between Classic or Professional, the next most important thing you may want to consider is the size of the watch. Rolex offers a remarkable number of aesthetic configurations, but even the prettiest and most spectacular watch will not serve to be the perfect gift if its size isn’t ideal.

The Professional line of Rolex watches comprise specially designed and especially capable timepieces, such as the Submariner, Daytona and Yacht-Master

When choosing a Rolex watch to gift for a lady, consider the types of clothes she likes to wear: a smaller, more compact sized watch will be a good match for those who prefer a more discreet and elegant apparel — and, of course, those with a narrower wrist. The sizes recommended for them range between 28mm and 34mm. By contrast, a larger watch is arguably a better match to a more active lifestyle and more leasurely apparel, ranging between 34 and 36mm. It is here where we shall note that a preference for 40mm sized Daytona and Submariner watches among ladies has been a trend of late, and such a larger watch may be taken into consideration.

When choosing a Rolex watch to gift for a gentleman, the same considerations may be made with regards to lifestyle, preferred apparel and diameter of wrist. A Day-Date 36 or Datejust 36 measure 36 millimeters wide, a size that today is considered to be the smallest watch size for men to wear. That said, do not let yourself to be put off by that fact: the 36mm wide Day-Date was the watch of choice worn by world leaders, presidents and visionaires and today is acknowledged to be an undisputably elegant and timeless size for a men’s watch.

Finding the color combination and aesthetic that is the perfect fit for your loved one is easy, thanks to the many different configurations and model variations available through most all Rolex collections

Sizing up from there, the 39mm wide Explorer, the 40 mm wide Submariner, Daytona and Day-Date, and the 41mm wide Datejust watches have for long represented the perfect size for most.

Neither small, nor oversized, the 39mm and 40mm wide Rolex watches blend perfect proportions with exquisite craftsmanship for a most balanced statement.

Larger watches include the 42, 43 and 44mm wide Sky-Dweller, Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master II collections, all of which are technically and aesthetically more complex than most of the more compact pieces. The Sky-Dweller is the ideal watch for globetrotters and those who work for international companies spread across multiple timezones, the Sea-Dweller for enthusiasts of diving and adventures, and the Yacht-Master II to those with a passion for yacht racing — and uniquely designed mechanical chronographs in general.

Our final piece of advice that we offer for your consideration concerns aesthetics. Most all Rolex watches can be configured in a great variety of ways. This includes the materials used for their external construction — ranging from Oystersteel through 18ct yellow, white and Everose gold to 950 platinum; the dials — dial colors, styles of indices, types of adornments such as diamond-set indices or dial surfaces; and their bracelets — including the three-link Oyster bracelet and President bracelet, the five-link Jubilee bracelet and the Oysterflex high-performance elastomer strap.

Consider the preferred outfits, lifestyle and even hobbies of the loved one you are looking to surprise with a Rolex watch this holiday season — this should make it all the more easy to pinpoint your best options

We firmly believe that a Rolex watch will make the perfect gift this Holiday Season; and the perfect watch to proudly wear forever.

We would be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect Rolex watch to gift to your loved one in our Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.


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