Roberto Coin Princess Flower - Spirit of elegance presented in rose gold

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Inspired by the curved flow of postmodern architecture, the Princess Flower collection by Roberto Coin represents the shape of the most romantic side of a woman's imagination. Roberto Coin’s creative universe wouldn’t be complete without a collection dedicated to the quintessential symbol of giving and beauty - the flower. The flower silhouette is part of the great creative bouquet – the Princess Flower collection, presented in enchanting rose gold hues.

Roberto Coin Princess Flower - Spirit of elegance presented in rose gold

Make your loved ones happy with a gift that will be remembered. Crafted in 18kt rose gold this floral-motif shummering earrings are at the same time highly fashionable and incomparably feminine - € 3’320⁠ - € 1’620

The expression of natural beauty

Traditional Italian artisanship, innovative experimentation and new technology makes each piece of Roberto Coin jewellery a true work of art.

The shape of the petals of the Princess Flower line, the same in every creation are narrated through an infinite variety of hue.

Explore elegant lines and noble rose gold tones from Princess Flower collection.

Roberto Coin Princess Flower - Spirit of elegance presented in rose gold

Holiday outfit to stand out: let the celebration start with Princess Flower jewelry. As a gift of good wishes, this bracelet is graced with Roberto Coin’s signature style - € 1’950⁠

A passion for sublime craftsmanship

Roberto Coin Princess Flower - Spirit of elegance presented in rose gold

Inspired by the flower, the quintessential symbol of giving and beauty, the Princess Flower collection brings together beautifully shaped petals and prestigious materials - € 8’020⁠

Roberto Coin Princess Flower pieces are delicate and feminine, making it the perfect piece of jewelry to add a touch of elegance to an outfit. The bracelets have a sequence of flowers while the earrings and pendants have a single flower, decorated with shimmering diamonds.

Roberto Coin

Princess Flower Mother of Pearl earrings

Ref: ADV888EA1570

Retail price: 2'250 EUR

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Princess Flower Mother of Pearl earrings

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