Messika - Lucky Move collection

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Glamorous touch

Messika's exceptional lineup, Lucky Move, features a new series of moving diamonds, a signature concept of the renowed Parisian atelier - a seductive collection whose appeal is based on the contrast between the delicate medallions and strong geometric design of the Move motif.

Messika Lucky Move collection

Assert your style with the perfect jewelry from Lucky Move selection. The Lucky Move luxury jewelry collection features diamong necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Wear alone or layered in an embrace of the stacking trend - € 1'910

They say that whoever has a talisman, luck accompanies him.

For that reason, atelier Messika creates the Lucky Move collection, where geometric shapes create new illusions along with moving diamonds, a trademark of the famous French brand.

In this way, Messika creates talismans in the different golds versions with sensual diamonds decoration.

Messika Lucky Move collection

Intriguing and feminine, Lucky Move jewely is the perfect choice to make every day special. The Lucky Move sophisticated bracelet in white gold will dazzle on your wrist - € 2'100

A triumph of sublime details and exceptional quality

Messika Lucky Move collection

Can you resist them? Choose Lucky Move – a collection with an artisan look, which reflects the wearer's elegant and refined personality - € 2'100 - € 4'190 - € 1'910

Lucky Move collection from Messika is reinventing the medallion while still supporting the Move codes, iconic collection from the French jewelry House.

By virtue of bold design, Messika jewelry breaks free from convention and pushes the limits of jewelry form.

And, as a result the Messika Lucky Move is all about subtle beauty. With its moving diamonds, Lucky Move perpetuates the Messika signature.

Simply breathtaking

Messika Lucky Move collection

Available in pink gold, this diamond necklace is a true symbol of Messika's traditional values. The more romantic among us will not hesitate to have a lucky personal message engraved on it - € 4'190

Always interesting and new, this pieces can be worn solo, in accumulation, or in bold asymmetry - as many possible variations that makes the every Messika woman unique, modern and sensual.

Lucky Move MM

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Retail price: 4 EUR

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Lucky Move MM

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