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Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

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For the upcoming gift season, the Roberto Coin atelier celebrates love with the unique Princess Flower collection. Roberto Coin’s creative world wouldn’t be complete without a collection dedicated to the quintessential symbol of giving and beauty - the flower.

Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

Enhanced by the beauty of flower motif and its harmonious proportions, this collection is resolutely desirable and timeless - € 1’560 - € 950⁠⁠

Incomparably feminine, the sophisticated Princess Flower collection, which we already had introduced, fascinate with the richness of its details.

The flower silhouette is part of the lustrous bouquet – the Princess Flower collection, presented in tender white gold hues.

Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

Crafted in 18kt white gold this floral-motif shummering earrings are at the same time classically shaped and incomparably modern - € 1’360⁠

Celebrating beauty & Valentine's Day: the subtle allure of white gold

Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

This romantic Princess Flower pendant poetically evokes a tender message of love - € 1’560

The spectacular radiance of these majestic rings, pendants and earrings is achieved by an ingenious and innovative setting that allows the diamonds to shine supreme, playing with light as never before.

The shape of the petals of the Princess Flower line are portray through an eternal charm of white gold and gleaming diamonds.

Princess Flower jewelry pieces are the best way to express sincere emotions in a day dedicated to love.

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Roberto Coin Princess Flower pieces are incomparalby delicate and feminine, making them suitable for every occasion. Elegant in colour as well as design, the Princess Flower selection offers a choice of feminine jewels subtly set with lustrous diamonds.

Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

In Roberto Coin's garden where the flowers reigns supreme, design shows off the refined beauty through the poetry of white gold shaping and gem-setting - € 1’360

The romantic design of the Princess Flower collection in white gold also marries classical elegance and modernity. Start a new chapter of your love story with Roberto Coin delicate flower silhouette.

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Roberto Coin Valentine's Day gift for her

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