Swiss Kubik Startbox

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Clear design, highest functionality

Today we are presenting Startbox single watch winder - a modern battery operated winding system for a passionate and fashionable collectors.

Swiss Kubik Startbox

A unique Soft Touch surface gives an unbelievable smoothness to the touch - € 425

As you may know, a watch winder from renowed Swiss Kubik company is a perfect companion to help keeping your favorite timepiece wound and set. Take control of your favourite timepiece with Swiss Kubik Startbox, available in a various colour selection.

For the love of precision and performance

Swiss Kubik Startbox

Available in various colours, Swiss Kubik Startbox lineup represents impressive craftsmanship and practicality for a true watch enthusiast - € 425

Attractive, bright and fun, the watch winders from the Startbox collection use fresh colours and modern, refined lines. Minimalist design and contemporary silhouette is now offered in eye-catching red, orange and green versions. If you prefer classic tones, there is also a timeless black option.

Swiss Kubik Startbox

In a simple cube form and practical size, the contemporary Swiss Kubik Startbox completes the experience of owning a favourite wristwatch - € 425 - € 845

Aesthetically, Swiss Kubik Startbox, a single winder, harmonises discreetly your interior, while highclass workmanship and technology unite in unmatched user experience.

Startbox - Orange soft touch

Ref: STB010

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Startbox - Orange soft touch

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