Roberto Coin Art Decò earrings

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Revolution of style

Roberto Coin put all of the spirit of the Art Decò style into this exquisite collection – with its desire to celebrate splendor of life, with an energy that, in the 1920s and 30s, changed the world of art, fashion and architecture with an explosion of modernity and a total rejection of the traditional.

Roberto Coin Art Deco earrings

Emphasizing nostalgic silhouette, the Art Decò earrings features a 18kt gold base, intruguing malachite elements and mother of pearl, as well as dazzling diamonds - € 6'900 - € 6'970

As a result, Roberto Coin atelier presents beautifuly crafted earrings. Powerful and noticeable, these earrings are made for confident ladies with undoubted sense of aesthetic.

Timeless allure, underlined by mother-of-pearl and malachite details

Roberto Coin Art Deco earrings

Meet seductive Art Decò tassel earrings, in 18kt rose gold with gentle mother of pearl motif and sparking diamonds
- € 6'900

The design of the Art Decò earrings brings back typical shapes, unexpected and imaginative. The earrings are made of colored octagons with capricious and playful tassels.

The hallmarks of the collection are rose gold hues, including seductive diamonds, malachite, rubies and mother-of-pearl details.

Roberto Coin Art Deco earrings

Distinguished by their unique lines, daring decorations and colorful tone, the Art Decò earrings will emphasize the refined style of the daring ladies, lovers of unique design- € 6'900 - € 6'970

Enter the world of colorful jewelry and singularly shaped creations.

Art Decò earrings

Ref: ADV888EA1891_02

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Art Decò earrings

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