Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

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In 1996, for the first time, a small ruby set on the inside of each of its pieces became the signature of a jewelry collection. This collection was Appassionata and, together with its unusual signature, it marked the beginning of the story of the Roberto Coin brand; a brand driven by its founder’s relentless passion for life and creativity.


Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

Roberto Coin, a designer

At the base of the brand’s creativity, there has always been a constant search for both inspiration and new expressions of style.

This is what makes every jewel the fruit of an exciting journey on an extraordinary path.

Every piece of his jewelry holds traces of Roberto Coin’s trips around the world, the variety of cultures he has encountered, nature and its landscapes, all seasoned with a sense of beauty and an authentic zest for life.

Every collection has a different story, a past and a future that Roberto Coin first creates with his artisans and that he then shares with the women who choose to wear his jewels.

And so it is, that buying his jewelry is synonymous with buying a ticket for a new adventure, not just something to own but an experience to live.

Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

Defined aesthetics and experimental design make every jewel a unique example of elegance and innovation


In just a few years, experience, design and perfection were the elements that allowed Roberto Coin to establish himself among the best-known names in the jewelry industry and beyond. The worlds of fashion and cinema soon fell in love with his creations, too.

His pieces were so diversified that they sometimes seemed tied together only by a signature that was powerful but was also discrete, an unusual quality in a world where recognition at a glance seemed fundamental.

Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

The ardor of courage, the passion of love and the vitality of hope are combined in a single, heartfelt message of goodwill, hidden away in a little ruby

Roberto Coin has been recognized as a non- conformist; his authenticity is an art form that he himself defines as the “art of being different”, and as his jewelry walks down the red carpets around the world, it lays the foundation for a new trend in which diversity means uniqueness.

Who would have thought that one jewel could make such a difference?


Every year, 5 new collections join Roberto Coin’s creative universe.

All of them can be explored at retailers in over 60 countries, where every day, Roberto Coin invites clients to plunge into the unique experience of owning a jewel.

The only thing left to do is start your adventure at and, or visit us in our lovely boutique in Uskočka 7 street.

Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

Even today, after 20 years, Roberto Coin can confirm that his vision is the same as when he began, a vision that guarantees a more dynamic and curious future and, above all, a future capable of surprising again and again

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


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Roberto Coin - The story of the brand

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