Roberto Coin - The Italian tour: Venice

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As we tour some of Italy's most beautiful cities, our departure today is from one of the cities Roberto Coin loves most. It's the city where he was born and the inspiration for all of the Princess collections, one of the brand's biggest successes in recent years. But today, we're going to talk about another collection inspired by the palace that symbolizes Venice, Palazzo Ducale. 

Roberto Coin - The Italian tour: Venice

Venice, city which celebrates european art and romance

Roberto Coin presents Palazzo Ducale

For Roberto Coin, who loves to search the world for creative connections, all things become a source of inspiration.

He looks at palaces and sees living elements that populate the city, with their façades being the precious gowns they wear.

It was precisely one of these gowns, the façade of Palazzo Ducale, that inspired Roberto Coin's collection of jewelry with the same name.

Roberto Coin - The Italian tour: Venice

The collection is inspired by the incredible Doge's Palace

From marble to gold, the chiaroscuro effect that decorates the façade of Palazzo Ducale is reinterpreted using alternating black and white diamonds, and brushed and polished gold. A four-petal flower, the essence of Gothic art in Venice, is repeated in a regular sequence on the entire façade of the palazzo; in this collection of jewels, it is presented as a recurring floral design made with four diamonds, each of which is a petal.

Roberto Coin - The Italian tour: Venice

The geometrical design of the jewels is created with twisted gold threads and diamonds

The strong geometric lines of the collection's design respect the rigid proportions dictated by the world of architecture, but the jewels are also studded with rich details and symbolic references. This surprising harmony made of contrasts gives the pieces a look that is at once iconic and majestic, a tribute to the unique magic of Venice.

18k rose Palazzo Ducale blk & wht diamond alternating squares bracelet

Ref: ADR777BA2828_01

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18k rose Palazzo Ducale blk & wht diamond alternating squares bracelet

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