Swiss Kubik Masterbox

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The shape of perfection

High-quality casing and simple elegance hide a jewel of technology - the leather Masterbox watch winder is perfectly made for your favorite timepiece duo - € 1'545

Designed and manufactured by hand in Switzerland, Swiss Kubik watch winders are the product of the incomparable expertise, naturally derived from the country's watchmaking industry.

Recognizable and timeless, the watch winders of the Masterbox range use unique colours, high-quality materials and refined lines.

Simplified to the extreme, Masterbox winders bring together the essential elements of ateliers expertise, presented with double space for your favourite timepiece pair.

In addition, supremely quality leather gives collectors a soft, delicate touch.

Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winder has a strikingly modern, innovative design representing a perfect, minimalist shape - € 1'545 - € 825

Foundation of style and functionality

Thanks to their cubic shapes, Swiss Kubik watch winders can be combined almost infinitely.

Simplified to the extreme, these wristwatch winders bring together essential elements of timeless design – presented in refined leather combinations - € 1'545

Designed using sophisticated colours and timeless silhouette, the prestige Masterbox winders are a magnificent addition of every interior and ambience.

From outstanding details, to topstitching and polishing, every detail is both Swiss and hand made - crafted to the highest standards.

Masterbox Double - Green leather & White stitches

Ref: SK02-CV005

Retail price: 1'545 €

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Masterbox Double - Green leather & White stitches

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