Tudor Black Bay Dark - A winning formula

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Tudor Black Bay was born out of a desire to create a timepiece that was durable, accurate, and elegant – a simple goal to state but an extremely difficult one to achieve. Nevertheless, over the past several years the Tudor Heritage Black Bay has grown into an important, versatile and highly collectible selection which reflects the brand’s rich history in producing world class diving watches, fully equipped to meet the needs of timekeeping beneath the waves.

Tudor Black Bay Dark - Formula uspeha

A dial is based on an exquisite balance of the classic elements and proportions, while Calibre MT5620 meets the standards for eminent COSC chronometer certification

Black Bay Dark: color that makes a difference

The elements of the Black Bay Dark’s personality have been drawn from Tudor’s history.

For decades, the values of Tudor watches have been assessed on the basis of functionality: in addition to unsurpassed precision, the watches offer a unique wearing experience.

Tudor Black Bay Dark - Formula uspeha

In harmony with Tudor’s Heritage line, distinctive Dark version comes with a range of strap options. The black bracelet is an imposing option, but it also comes with aged leather and casual woven grey strap

Tudor Black Bay Dark - Formula uspeha

The inclusion of depth rating and COSC status are significant visual details

Tudor Black Bay Dark follows the tradition of the Tudor Oyster Submariner of 1954, which also had no date display; its legible, undecorated dial simply has eight round and three rectangular hour markers, as well as one triangular marker at 12 o’clock.

The striking hour and seconds hands with charming “snowflake” shapes are associate with the vintage Submariner, which was proudly presented by atelier in 1969.

Framed by a coordinating black unidirectional rotatable steel bezel, the dial is presented within a 41mm black PVD-treated steel case. The signature large crown draws attention to itself, dominating the right side of the case. 

Absolute harmony of form and function

Over the years, Tudor Heritage Black Bay has grown into the reputable watch collection. In Black Bay Dark version, Tudor Caliber MT5602 meets the standards for COSC chronometer certification.

The automatic movement that drives the hour, minute, and seconds offers the wearer a generous 70-hour autonomy.

Tudor Black Bay Dark - Formula uspeha

Black Bay Dark, reference M79230DK-0006

The indication of guaranteed water resistance is engraved in red on the monochromatic dial, and together with the red triangle on the rotatable bezel they are part of the list of an important historic design features that reappear in Dark model. The 200m water resistance is ideal for active lifestyle.

Tudor Black Bay Dark - Formula uspeha

The black case and red accents are pretty intriguing combination. As a contemporary watch, the winding crown screws down onto the case to create a waterproof barrier. The Tudor symbol – an engraved rose on the winding crown – is a timeless design finesse

A wide range of different straps and bracelets continues to add Black Bay Dark’s unrivaled variety. No matter which one you choose, all three options preserve the visual harmony that makes the watch absolutely unique.


From the very beginnings, Tudor has created timepieces for extreme situations. Be ready for challenges!


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Tudor Black Bay Dark - A winning formula

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