Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR & 126715CHNR

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Although it might have been the new Oystersteel “Pepsi” stole the show at Baselworld 2018, there was, in fact, many other notable launches from Rolex in 2018: the most important of them is the introduction of two “Root Beer” pieces in Everose Rolesor and solid Everose gold. These are two stunning watches that demand much more attention – something we shall give them right now.

Once again, “Root Beer” is a term that the global Rolex lovers came up with and started using extensively for the – hitherto vintage – pieces with their unique brown and black bezel inserts. Rolex surprised us all this year, when they launched the aforementioned two new references at Baselworld 2018 and hence re-introducing this fantastic color combination in what is a trademark tour-de-force of the manufacture: its Cerachrom bezels. The brown and black bezel with its PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) applied gold numerals makes for a remarkable aesthetic. If we may say so, we would dare to conclude that this particular piece, in either of its two configurations, is a more elegant and mature aesthetic, whereas the “Pepsi” is a sportier, more casual look.

Red-blue or brown-black? Jubilee or Oyster bracelet? A tough choice indeed!

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II “Root Beer” comes in two variations, with the only difference being in their use of materials. Reference 126711CHNR is an Everose Rolesor, combination of Oystersteel and 18ct Everose gold, where the case, case-back and outer links of the wonderfully comfortable three-link Oyster bracelet are crafted from Rolex’s Oystersteel. The center links of the bracelet, the bezel, the crown, the hands and indices are made from 18ct Everose gold. Everose is Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy designed for a particularly amazing sheen, as well as depth and longevity of color.

Stunning quality of execution in Rolex’s Cerachrom

The other model, reference 126715CHNR is an all gold version that has all the aforementioned Oystersteel parts crafted from 18ct Rolex Everose gold. This affects weight and, most of all, overall aesthetics and the impression the watch makes.

The new „Root Beer” in Everose gold comes with reference 126715CHNR

What renders these, and perhaps especially the Rolesor variant, truly novel is their use of unusual, new-to-the-eye colors that we don’t see often elsewhere. Brown and black make for a sensible combination, and so does the highly popular Rolesor combination of gold and steel. The goal, after all, is to have a watch that fairs equally well in all everyday situations, irrespective of the setting or level of formality. Steel and gold therefore combines the casual, well-known appearance of steel, albeit with Rolex’s Oystersteel that has a deeper sheen to it, with the lustre and elegance of the very precious material that is gold.

On the wrist, the new „Root Beer” in Everose Rolesor looks as elegant as it is refreshing

One last note on aesthetics: Everose gold is a tricky shade of gold for the fact that it works against different skin tones in a variable way. It is highly recommended that one tries it on and sees how magically this warm, yet metallic gold can work with one’s skin.

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II “Root Beer” presents an everyday-wear piece

As for deeper technicalities, just like the “Pepsi,” the two “Root Beer” versions have also received the manufacture’s latest generation 3285 caliber that, as we mentioned in our “Pepsi” hands-on, boasts 10 patent applications offers an extended, 70-hour long power reserve, a Rolex Chronergy escapement with optimized energy efficiency, a paramagnetic blue hairspring with Rolex overcoil, a large balance wheel with variable moment of inertia, as well as high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers. Like all Rolex watches today, the new “Root Beer” models also come with a Superlative Chronometer Certification, testifying to the fact that every individual piece has passed the strict in-house quality control procedures, as well as the independent COSC chronometer tests. We would like to invite you to see our previous article for a detailed explanation on how to read and set the GMT display on these GMT-Master II timepieces.

All in all, both the red-blue, and the brown-black versions are to be admired in person, so as to determine which one is the most ideal fit for one’s daily lifestyle, preferred apparel, and yes, even skin tone. Either way, Rolex has both surprised and impressed watch fans across the globe with its revamping of the famed and much-loved GMT-Master II line.


GMT-Master II

Ref: 126715CHNR

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GMT-Master II

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