SIHH-Geneve: Officine Panerai LAB-ID

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Meet Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days 49mm PAM700, a truly revolutionary watch with break through techical innovation, guaranteed for 50 years. Panerai LAB-ID features the P.3001/C Calibre, a revolutionary movement characterized by the absence of lubrication and presented for the very first time in the semiskeletonised version.

An innovative watch using advanced technology, previously unknown in the world of high quality watchmaking. A showcase of unique solutions have revolutionised its design and mechanics, by making use of the infinite potential of CARBON.

SIHH-Geneve: Officine Panerai LAB-ID

The skilful use of different materials and coatings based on CARBON have enabled friction between the components of the movement to be reduced to a minimum. There are only four jewels and no external lubrication is needed. The watch is guaranteed FOR 50 YEARS.

The dial is covered with CARBON NANOTUBES arranged to absorb light and minimize reflection. The result is an extremely black dial, setting off the blue hands and hour markers.

The case is made of CARBOTECH, a composite material obtained from very thin sheets of carbon fibre compressed together with a special polymer at a controlled temperature. This technique makes each case unique and different from all others. Carbotech is light in weight, hypo-allergenic and not subject to corrosion.

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SIHH-Geneve: Officine Panerai LAB-ID

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