Roberto Coin

Story about the Ruby

One jewel in the world of gold.

Roberto Coin

The beginning of history of the Roberto Coin brand dates back to 1996, when the entire collection „Appassionato” was inside of each jewelry signed with a small ruby set. That collection was guided by founder’s passion for life and art. Roberto Coin finds new sources of inspiration in the diversity of the world.

Italian craftsmen are guardians of ancient traditions and part of this brand, and they daily turn the ideas of Roberto Coin into reality in the best way possible. In a very short time, one of the most famous brands in the international world of gems has been created.

With the constant desire to create something new and different, Roberto Coin publicizes five complete collections annually that meet numerous market demands.

They are available in over 1000 stores that are deployed in 60 countries around the world. Roberto Coin brand sends a clear message: To give each lady original jewellery that is far from ordinary, jewellery that elevates its aesthetic and spiritual qualities and in that way helps her to be unique and authentic.

Personal Identity

The mission of this brand is to create inspiring jewelry that surprises and will not be boring at all.

Roberto Coin: Personal Identity


Borderless imagination and sense for romantic and beauty have found its way to tell the story through the hands of the historical a renowned Italian jewelry artisans.

Roberto Coin: Creator, Roberto Coin

The Ruby

By combining civilizations and those three chapters, Roberto Coin found the inspiration for an intense but unique symbol of creativity in rubies.

Roberto Coin: The ruby

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