Swiss Kubik watch winders can be joined and multiplied almost endlessly. Designed using your favorite colors, watch winders are a beautiful and unique feature that goes well with the interior design.



Each watch winder is assembled by hand and it is of great importance to us that the love of a job well done motivates every team and production member. Swiss Kubik is fully in line with the Swiss ethos – this wise combination of traditional reverence and an enormous creativity ability.

Swiss Kubik


10 Years of watchmaking passion

Swiss-made watch winders are carefully designed and manufactured with the utmost care to display your watches and preserve their movement and durability by ensuring that its mechanisms are never interrupted. Depending on the size, color and band material, they suit your watch with style and modernity. In their own right, decorative artifacts cause you to see your watch running.

Swiss Kubik


High-technology in one perfect cube

Swiss Kubik watch winders are making 1,900 revolutions a day, or 950 revolutions in each direction and they are were fully autonomous for three years thanks to the high efficiency of our 100% Swiss-made mechanisms. To ensure their operation, two simple 1.5 volt alkaline batteries are sufficient.

Swiss Kubik

The standard

Words from the production manager

Whether it's for great watch manufacturers or for a particular customer, Swiss Kubik's norm is quality and nothing is left to chance.

Swiss Kubik