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Tudor Manufacture

High tech ceramic

Powerful and unique
Powerful and unique

TUDOR has developed for the first time a case completely fashioned in high-tech injected ceramic. The whole case of the Fastrider Black Shield is produced as a single piece – a unique operation for timepieces in this segment. This technological expertise also equips other models in the collection like the bezel of the Pelagos, the TUDOR North Flag and the TUDOR Fastrider Chrono. The ceramic is virtually impervious to scratches, and its colour is unaffected by ultraviolet rays. The result is, naturally, quite out of the ordinary, powerful and unique.

 Manufactured in-house
Manufactured in-house

The manufacture of the bezel and the case is carried out in-house. The brand has installed the exclusive equipment required to perfectly master the quality of the final product in conformity with its stringent specifications. The basic ceramic material is a very fine zirconium dioxide powder, whose particles are less than one micron (one-thousandth of a millimetre) in diameter. The powder, white at the outset, is mixed with both a binding agent that allows it to be moulded and pigments that will give the final desired colour. The raw material is shaped by high-pressure moulding.

At this point, it has very low resistance. The components are then heat treated in furnaces. The first stage eliminates the binding agent. From the second firing at 1,500° C (2,700° F), or sintering, the ceramic acquires its definitive hardness and mechanical resistance.

It's resistance after the sintering is akin to that of steel, but its hardness is much greater. During firing and sintering, the piece contracts by approximately 25 per cent and acquires its final colour. Final precision machining gives each piece its definitive shape and size for assembly. As the material has now acquired its characteristic hardness, this operation requires the use of diamond tools.

 Reliable and resistant
Reliable and resistant

Throughout the production process, the ceramic pieces undergo numerous quality controls to check the precision of their geometry, their mechanical properties and their colour. In addition to the noble aesthetics of this chronograph, the extremely complex procedure adopted for its manufacture ensures that both the middle case and bezel are exceptionally reliable and resistant.

Tudor manufacture calibres

2015 is important for the TUDOR because it published for the first time in his history Manufacture Calibre and for that received a confirmation certificate from Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Tudor: Manufacture Calibres

The fabric strap

The fabric strap has become a classic in the watch-making landscape, but its interpretation as created by TUDOR remains unsurpassed in terms of technical quality and aesthetics.

Tudor: The fabric strap

Tudor ateliers

A Tudor watch lives. Pulsates. It will take you into the world of micro-precision. The high technology in all components are relentlessly tested to the smallest details, to the point of obsession.

Tudor: Atelier

Pelagos titanium bracelet

TUDOR developed and patented unique auto-adjustable spring mechanism on the Pelagos which is distinguished by a titanium bracelet with a steel folding clasp. The technical system on the bracelet is adaptable for diving at greater depths.

Tudor: Pelagos Titanium Bracelet

Tudor Black Bay

Aesthetics and performance that meet the most demanding products are designed for durability and satisfaction. Besides that, exceptional materials make every TUDOR watch unique and special.

Tudor: Black Bay

Multibrand boutique

Our Multibrand boutique is located in the hearth of Belgrade and offers brilliant pieces of Tudor, Panerai, Messika, Roberto Coin i Petrović Diamonds brands

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