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Rolex Deepsea D-Blue

Inspired by the vastness of the sea, Deepsea D-Blue is the most current version of the classic diver from Rolex company. The dial on which the blue colour discreetly overflows to black and with green details repreresents the most significant visual change

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Jun 19, 2015

Rolex And Sailing

Yacht racing is a test of will and wit in which crucial decisions are made with split-second precision. Preparation is rigorous and team spirit is top priority.

Mar 9, 2015

Triple Pleasure

Bracelets and clasps play a full part in the unique pleasure of wearing and owning a Rolex watch. Their ergonomics are carefully studied, while their robustness and reliability, their aesthetics and lustre are all inherent to the personality of the legend

Feb 12, 2015

Rolex Everest

While the weather conditions set the perfect ambience for winter photography, it's the time for ultimate adventure shot from year 2002 – glorious Rolex Mount Everest climbing.

Rolex Calibre 4130

The Cosmograph Daytona's 4130 chronograph movement, entirely designed and manufactured by Rolex, is a distillation of the brand's innovations and know-how.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge

This month, we recall the unforgettable wristwatch that marked a remarkable expedition, confirming the quality nearly 11 kilometers below sea level. This amazing photo testifies the creative process of creating the Rolex Deepsea Challenge model from year

Rolex Bienne

Take a peek at a moment in modern Rolex plant in Bienne, through a photograph that illustrates much more than just a space to work – conveying emotions and architectural excellence through the lens of a digital camera.

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial Edition

A month after the world premiere, in our photography section you will enjoy once again the latest Rolex model, the fabulous Deepsea D-Blue Dial Edition.

Jul 17, 2014

A mélység mestere

A Rolex Deep Sea Special (1960) és Deep Sea Challange (2012) időmérők a maguk idejében bebizonyították vezető szerepüket, a legnagyobb kihívásoknak megfelelve.

Apr 9, 2014

Rolex Cellini Date

The refined aesthetics and heritage of the Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini inspired the Rolex company to create a harmoniously designed timepiece of timeless values.

Jun 26, 2012

Rolex Deepsea Challenge

True to its passion for underwater exploration, Rolex took an active part in the historic DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition of film-maker and explorer James Cameron (director of Titanic, Avatar) in partnership with the National Geographic Society.

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