Roberto Coin Black Jade

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A collection that exceeds trends

Black Jade is a collection that knows no limits. Women of every age have fallen in love with its clever combination of craftsmanship and avant-garde style. In addition, the gentle rose gold is complementary to all skin tones.

The result is a timeless feminine feel that is modern interpretation of vintage style. Transversing back to a time of nostalgic femininity, Roberto Coin's Black Jade collection celebrates the allure of the modern day woman.

While the collection may have a vintage appeal, at the same time, with the combination of green agate and black jade this collection is undoubtedly an expression of the modern woman.You can see the famous Roberto Coin passion in each and every piece

Black Jade is the pinnacle of contemporary Italian design and elegance

Characterised by soft curves, silhouettes and mesmerising plays of colour, The Roberto Coin style is distinctive and instantly recognisable, mirroring famous Italian design, art and architecture. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we all know. Symmetry isn't always ideal; sometimes when things are asymmetrical it adds a beauty and unique.

Design, form and function merge into an incomparable collection

Shape and color are two things that Roberto Coin is known for in his jewelry designs, and the Black Jade collection is no exception

The entire Black Jade collection is sure to impress with its striking colors and asymmetrical silhouettes. The Roberto Coin Black Jade collection features many different styles of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

You are invited to find something to complete your look, whether you are going big and bold or keeping it simple and stylish.

Dressing up or dressing down, you are sure to win with this Roberto Coin collection.

Explore the stunning Black Jade collection featuring 18kt gold pieces with stiking black jade and green agate combination, enchanting Mother of Pearl or bespoke diamonds.

Black jade, an ornamental rock, is the central character in almost every piece of the collection. Apart from renowed black jade and green agate Roberto Coin also offers earrings in 18kt rose gold with distinctive mother of pearl and shinny diamonds

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Black Jade necklace

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