Rolex Boutique BudapestRolex Boutique Budapest

Petite Genève Petrović


In Budapest, the Rolex boutique has found its home in the majestic Stern Palace at the Andrassy Avenue, a neo-classical building constructed in 1882. Located in a historic area that is embellished with mesmerizing masterpieces of architecture, the boutique embodies this unique heritage and Rolex prestige.

Rolex boutique Budapest

This stunning boutique immerses its visitors into a special universe, offering an exquisite and unforgettable Rolex experience - a unique opportunity to explore the impressive technical know-how, innovations and timeless elegance of extraordinary Rolex Oyster and Rolex 1908 timepieces.


At Andrássy avenue in Budapest, on December 8th 2016, Petite Genève Petrović introduced the new Rolex boutique. Staggering design and local architecture elements demonstrate harmony in an elegant, luxury Rolex showroom.

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A genuine symbol of Swiss watchmaking tradition, the showroom features a state of the art watchmaker’s atelier.

A genuine symbol of Swiss watchmaking tradition
Rolex boutique Budapest

In this ideal setting, a team of trained watchmakers is faithfully at your service with their horological expertise and provides the utmost care for Rolex timepieces.

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Lovers of quality have 4 salons at their disposal: the ones dedicated to Rolex are in Belgrade, Budapest and Porto Montenegro, and one multibrand salon in Belgrade.