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Petrović Diamonds

Petrović Diamonds

People are naturally enthralled by rare and prestigious objects – and that includes precious jewels, especially diamonds.

Petrović Diamonds

Petrovic Diamonds earrings

Select the perfect earrings from Petrovic Diamonds portfolio. Each and every pair of our jewelry are handcrafted with impressive attention to details – only the finest quality, perfectly matched diamonds allowed.

Petrović Diamonds

Petrovic Diamonds - Engagement rings collection

Celebrate love with a perfect ring that is just as enchanting and unique as your emotions. Choose Petrovic Diamonds engagement ring decorated with flawless diamonds.

Petrović Diamonds

Argyle Violet

A rare violet diamond, the largest of its kind ever found at Australia’s remote Argyle mine, will be the centerpiece of Rio Tinto’s annual pink diamonds showcase. The rough gem originally weighed 9.17 carats.

Petrović Diamonds

A moment of history

The largest diamond in the last 110 years has been found recently in the mines of central Botswana. After accurate analysis and measurements, the monumental gemstone showed a whopping 1,111 carats, which is the second recorded "result" in history.

Petrović Diamonds

Hearts and arrows

The term Hearts and Arrows is used to describe the visual effect achieved in a round diamond with perfect symmetry.