Rolex Day-Date 36
Reference 128349RBR

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Entering an established line of extremely rare and colorful Rolex watches is the new-for-2019 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 with reference 128349RBR, aptly named Rainbow after its trademark rainbow pattern sapphires. A true and absolute rarity that highlights Rolex’s very own gemological know-how and expertise.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128349RBR

The new-for-2019 Rolex Day-Date 36 “Rainbow” is an absolute rarity as well as a true testament to Rolex’s proprietary gem-setting know-how and expertise

The Rolex Day-Date, the ultimate watch of prestige that is also known as The President’s Watch, we have presented in its various forms. Available in 18ct white gold, Everose gold, yellow gold and 950 platinum, on the President bracelet as well as on leather straps, the Day-Date is deeply configurable — but in its every iteration, it is an absolute icon that is also part of history.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128349RBR

Crafted from 18ct white gold produced by Rolex’s very own gold foundry, the Day-Date 36 radiates of elegance and prestige in its every iteration — even in its rarest and most artistic variations, such as this truly special piece

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 ref. 128349RBR, including its case, bracelet, clasp, bezel and crown, is crafted from 18ct white gold manufactured in Rolex’s own gold foundry.

The 18ct white gold bezel is set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds, further highlighted by a full-paved dial entirely covered with exquisitely set and most carefully selected diamonds.

Standing out of this fantastic arrangement of jewelry are the ten colorful hour markers, all in color-coordinated sapphires, all set in 18ct white gold.

These colored sapphires require painstaking effort not only for their setting, but even for their selection and coordination. The effort pays off when a most perfect color graduation is achieved, as is the case with all factory-set Rolex watches that display this special pattern. The rich, vibrant hues of these stones are only amplified by the perfect transmission in between their colors and hues. Their settings is a special feat unto itself as well: their orientation, precise alignment, height, regularity and proportions are all absolutely stellar, each standing as yet another representation of Rolex’s unrivalled gem-setting expertise.

Revealed underneath the iconic cyclops magnification window is the instantaneous date display at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, while the arch between 11 and 1 o’clock reveals the Day-Date’s other namesake feature: the date, presented in full. Both Rolex and Day-Date stand on brushed plaques in the full-paved, brilliant diamond-set dial.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128349RBR

Exceptional craftsmanship in every detail: the new-for-2019 Day-Date 36 “Rainbow” looks stunning up close, with its factory-set, brilliant-cut diamond bezel, full-paved dial and vibrant sapphire hour markers

Ticking away under this exceptional dial, the Day-Date 36 is equipped with the new-generation Manufacture Rolex Caliber 3255, a consummate demonstration of Rolex technology. Protected by 14 patents, Caliber 3255 was the very first movement in Rolex’s expanding series of new-generation movements, rendering the Day-Date collection the first to boast its fundamental gains in precision, power reserve, shock and magnetic resistance, ease of use and reliability.

Rolex Day-Date 36 – Ref. 128349RBR

The play of colors, reflections and endlessly refined proportions amaze, once this extremely rare Day-Date 36 “Rainbow” is put on the wrist

A timepiece of exceptional rarity and craftsmanship, the Day-Date 36 in one of its most precious variations is an absolute gem to behold.


Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.


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Rolex Day-Date 36
Reference 128349RBR

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