Roberto Coin Cento - The beauty revolution

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Roberto Coin has captured true perfection in his Cento Diamond collection. As quintessential symbol of eternal love, diamond is more than a precious stone – it is an emblem of unmatched beauty and lasting luxury.

Roberto Coin Cento

Perpetuating balance: Cento in Italian means 100, the number for perfection and the best way to describe Roberto Coin's exclusive and sophisticated ring portfolio - € 3’600

Its name is Cento - 100 is the number that symbolizes immense excellence and completion; the virtues that Roberto Coin payed homage to with the diamond he launched in 2003, after years of passionate research and experimentation with the best experts and craftsmen in the field. For the first time in history, a diamond was cut with 100 facets instead of the typical 57. Suitably, the name of the diamond is Cento, which in Italian means 100. And the rest is history.

Roberto Coin Cento

A diamond engagement rings from Roberto Coin atelier represents everlasting love and impressive craftmanship - € 22’500

A diamond - nature's most fascinating gift

Italian designer Roberto Coin is always changing fashion trends, always innovating his collections and following his quest for individuality. Only the diamonds whose color and purity make them the most precious and rare are chosen to become Cento diamonds. Their infinite brilliance must show the world all of the magic and perfection of nature.

Roberto Coin Cento

Throughout the world, the diamond is considered the king of precious stones. Explore Cento collection and find the ring of your dreams - € 22’500

With 100 facets, almost the double of a standard cut, each Cento diamond captures and reflects the light through a process which is much longer and more complicated than that used with other diamonds.

The result is a breathtaking kaleidoscope of lights in a floral pattern defined by the shape of the 100 facets.

Symbol of eternity

Over the centuries, literature and cinema classics describe diamonds as the quintessential symbol of eternal love and the promise of an everlasting relationship.

Roberto Coin Cento

The Roberto Coin Cento diamond is among the most demanding diamond cuts ever created. The patented 100-facet design allows for superior brilliance and matchless sparkle - € 9’200

As a result, Roberto Coin chooses the diamonds for his exclusive collection according to excellence criteria, one by one... The result is that each jewel in the Cento collection becomes not just a masterpiece of nature, but also a masterpiece of love and devotion.

Cento ring

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Cento ring

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