Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

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The signature of Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin has found the idea of presenting rubies as a discreet style symbol through ancient literature. The dedication that the famous designer nurtures against the written heritage has helped him to discover three unforgettable chapters, which he harmonically merged in the story of imagination and reality.

These stories contributed the gemstone to highlight the subtle power of feminine jewelry.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

The ruby, a magical signature of Roberto Coin

The first chapter is related to ancient Egypt. More precisely, the pharaoh believed that ruby, in contact with skin, brings happiness, which is also guarantee of love, joy and eternal health.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

Ruby, a stone of protection

The second chapter tells a story of the fearless Burmese warriors who were convinced of the magic of rubies. They believed that stone, in contact with the skin, protects them from death on the battlefield.

The third chapter is the legend about a sign of Hindu mythology, in which the rugged rubies are regarded as valuable fruits of “caliph tree”- a traditional source of desire and hope.

In 1996, Roberto Coin started to decorate his jewels with Appassionata collection by setting a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece, allowing the distinguished gem to kiss the skin.

From that moment on, with the combination of boldness, emotion and hope, Roberto Coin conveys the positive energy devoted to the ladies by the hidden ruby, with valuable details.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

Fitted into jewellery, ruby create piece of art

A quick gemological study

Rubies are unique among gemstones for their beautiful red color.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

Ruby is a member of the Corundum family, apart from Sapphire

Clocking in at a 9 on the Mohs scale, these precious stones are among the hardest stones found in nature, second only to diamonds.

  • Member of the Corundum Family
  • The red color comes from the mineral chromium
  • Mined primarily in Asia: Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India
Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

Roberto Coin started to enrich his bespoke jewelery in 1996, with the setting of a small ruby hidden inside of each piece

The largest cache of rubies in the world comes from Burma, Myanmar.

For centuries, the Mogok Valley has produced the most celebrated rubies. Though the largest source of rubies, Burma is not the only source of these stones.

Mozambique has a ruby mine at Montepuez, where stones are mined under strict guidelines for ethical and transparent sourcing.

A stone of power, a stone of protection

The ruby has always been attributed great power, and so has been the stone of choice for rulers and royals.

In the Kingdom of England, the rubies in the tiara are a symbol of the long, happy and healthy life, mirroring a strong message to the queen.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

The queen’s former colony, Burma, gave to queen Elizabeth a collection of priceless rubies, which she turned into a jewel-encrusted tiara in 1973

And even Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” received protection from her ruby shoes.

In literature

The ruby is the only jewel referenced in the Bible, as well in “The Travels of Marco Polo” writing. William Shakespeare, John Donne, and John Milton all wrote of the ruby as a stone meant for royalty, for crowns and for poetic descriptions of maidens’ lips.

Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

Luxurious but wearable, each piece of Roberto Coin is effortlessly setting apart from other jewelry

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a name that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language.


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Roberto Coin – The legend of the ruby

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