Lucky Move Color

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It’s time to reveal your true colors

Although summer has come to an end, there are however plenty of occasions for you to shine, whether under the warming sun or on a blissful party night. For a timeless aesthetic, Maison Messika launches a new selection of unique and precious pieces in a choice of four astonishing colors. Discover the Lucky Move Color collection, the new must-have of every woman who doesn’t refrain from making her true self radiate with elegance.

Your lucky charm for any season

Redefine your style without hiding your true temperament. Combine your Lucky Move medallion necklace, bracelet or diamond ring with a casual outfit or your most beautiful evening gown, to give your look a touch of colorful luxury. With its feminine and sophisticated shine, the Lucky Move Color collection adds a sparkle to any occasion, no matter the season.

Are you ready to reveal your true colors?

Be free with a touch of relaxing turquoise

Reminding of the waters of the Mediterranean seaside or the soothing lagoons of a remote tropical island, turquoise is a symbol of freedom, serenity and vitality.

Assert your independent spirit and your distinctive style with a turquoise Lucky Move charm around your neck, hand or wrist.

Messika Lucky Move Color

Lucky Move necklace with turquoise - €2'740

Be unique with the captivating shine of the mother-of-pearl

Messika Lucky Move Color

Lucky move necklace with white mother-of-pearl €2'740, bracelet €2’400

The Lucky Move with mother-of-pearl is a symbol of purity and, at the same time, symbol of seduction with the myriad of reflections it creates at each of the movements.

Whether on a medallion necklace, a diamond bracelet or a diamond ring, no one will be indifferent in front of such audacity.

Be authentic with the intensity of green malachite

The malachite stone is known since thousands of years for its calming properties which absorb any kind of negative energies.

As fascinating as it is symbolic, the deep green malachite color is a favorite source of inspiration in the Valérie Messika’s creations.

It adds depth and intensity, and an unmistakable touch of luxury to any piece of jewelry, exposing all the elegance and majesty of your personality.

Messika Lucky Move Color

Lucky Move bracelet with Malachite - €2'400

Be enigmatic with the mysterious charm of lapis lazuli blue

Messika Lucky Move Color

Lucky Move ring with Lapis Lazuli - €2'220

The Lucky Move with lapis lazuli charms and hypnotize at the same time.

Combined with gold, the deep blue color makes your ring, medallion necklace and bracelet shine day and night.

Are you ready to uncover the most magnetic aspects of yourself? The Petite Genève Petrović team would be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect jewelry piece for you.



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