Rolex Boutique Porto MontenegroRolex Boutique Porto Montenegro

Petite Genève Petrović


Located in the UNESCO protected Bay of Kotor, the Rolex boutique has been inaugurated in the glamorous Regent hotel, at the very heart of Porto Montenegro marina village.

Rolex Boutique Porto MontenegroRolex Boutique Porto Montenegro

A pearl of the Adriatic Sea, Porto Montenegro combines a spectacular lifestyle destination with a world-class marina and luxury residential village.


After Belgrade and Budapest, Petite Genève Petrović managed to create another warm and inviting environment to satisfy the most demanding watch lovers, nestled on the very heart of the magical Adriatic coast.

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In this sophisticated surrounding, the boutique invites visitors to take a dive into the Rolex universe, which embodies prestige and technology, precision and style, innovation and watchmaking tradition.

Rolex Boutique Porto Montenegro
Rolex Boutique Porto Montenegro

Complementing this refined setting, the lush green of the illuminated etched Aqua wall captures attention thanks to its soft, undulating wave pattern, an homage to the undersea world, one in which Rolex has a deep history as the inventor of the first-ever waterproof wristwatch, the iconic Oyster.

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Lovers of quality have 4 salons at their disposal: the ones dedicated to Rolex are in Belgrade, Budapest and Porto Montenegro, and one multibrand salon in Belgrade.