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The Ruby

The ancient world of the legend contained in a magical signature.

Roberto Coin has found the idea of presenting rubies as a discreet style symbol through ancient literature.

The dedication that the famous designer nurtures against the written heritage has helped him to discover three unforgettable chapters, which he harmonically merged in the story of imagination and reality.

These stories contributed the gemstone to highlight the subtle power of feminine jewelry.

The first chapter is related to ancient Egypt. More precisely, the pharaoh believed that ruby, in contact with skin, brings happiness, which is also guarantee of love, joy and eternal health. For them this gemstone was real talisman.

The second chapter tells a story of the fearless Burmese warriors who were convinced of the magic of rubies. They believed that stone, in contact with the skin, protects them from death on the battlefield.

The third chapter is the end. This part of the legend is a sign of Hindu mythology, in which the rugged rubies are regarded as valuable fruits of “caliph tree”- a traditional source of desire and hope.

From that moment on, with the combination of boldness, emotion and hope, Roberto Coin conveys the positive energy devoted to the ladies by the hidden ruby, with valuable details.

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