Rolex Day - Date history

In our previous hands-on take on the latest generation of the Day-Date 40 we promised a separate article that discussed the pedigree of this illustrious Rolex collection – and it is only right if we follow up on that.

Aesthetically, the new Day-Date inherited the evolutions that have marked the history of this genuinely charismatic timepiece: a refined lug structure and middle case, a broad and legible dial, as well as the exclusive use of the so-called President bracelet marked a Day-Date returning to its very roots. Unparalleled wearability, legibility, style and elegance, made exclusively available in precious metal of 950 platinum, 18ct yellow, white or Everose gold, with a wide range of new and highly elaborate dials.

The first Day-Date from 1956. Timeless elegance and style, outstanding functionality

Launched in 1956, the Day-Date was built on the three pillars of Rolex: it was the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full in a window on the dial in addition to the date. Precision, reliability, legibility and wrist-presence rendered the Day-Date the ultimate status watch – a watch that has retained its inimitable elegance and ability to make a striking statement ever since.

President Johnson wearing a 36mm Day-Date with gold bracelet in around 1964

Commonly referred to as "The President's Watch," since its original launch in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date has adorned the wrists of and accompanied some of the great politicians and leaders of the world – in fact, more presidents, leaders and visionaries, than any other watch.

On the wrist, the modern Day-Date retains the presence, style, elegance and versatility that made the 1956-original the choice of world leaders and visionaries

It is highly distinctive in its design, due to its special Day-Date display, as well as the President bracelet. The bracelet, a triple-link design with semi-curved individual links present an aesthetic and wearing experience like no other. For this very latest generation of the Day-Date, Rolex has re-designed the President bracelet in a way so that it now incorporates ceramic inserts inside the links, enhancing the suppleness and durability by drastically reducing the friction that was present between the precious metal links and metal bars holding them together.

Furthermore, the attachment between case and bracelet has also been restyled to ensure a seamless visual continuity between case, bezel and bracelet. Last, the bracelet is finished off with a new generation of the concealed Crownclasp, where a small, matching gold or platinum Rolex Crown is the only visible sign of the location of the clasp. Again, effortless style meet uncompromised functionality.

Its subtle lines will win you over, and on the wrist it reveals its superior comfort, the result of complex alchemy of form and function

The dials are now laser-etched to allow for a luster, design, appearance and texture hitherto unattainable. The colors and available dial options vary greatly between the different material options of the case and bracelet – but a common theme between all is Rolex's focus on legibility, quality of execution and timeless appeal.

Commonly referred to as "The President's Watch," the Rolex Day-Date has been the watch of choice of more world leaders and visionaries, than any other watch. Seen here is Dwight D. Eisenhower wearing a Rolex President bracelet on the cover of LIFE magazine

The latest Day-Date 40 has also debuted the Superlative Chronometer Certification, a Rolex Certification that testifies to the watch's passing of the independent COSC Chronometer tests, as well as Rolex's new, yet more stringent and thorough in-house quality control procedures that assess the winding efficiency, power reserve, water resistance and accuracy of each and every individual Rolex watch.

Marked with a green seal and a 5-year international warranty, as well as extended service periods, power reserve, accuracy and winding efficiency, the Rolex 3255 Manufacture Caliber of the Day-Date 40 marked the beginning of a chapter in Rolex movement manufacturing history.

The Day-Date 40 is equipped with a new-generation movement, calibre 3255 with COSC certification. Rolex proudly announced that over 90 percent of movement components have been improved

Because, after all, that is what the Day-Date 40 is all about: marking remarkable achievements in history.

Available in gold and platinum variations with a wide range of dials, the Rolex Day-Date 40 and its smaller alternative, the Day-Date 36 can be purchased at our Rolex Petite GenevePetrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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