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Every piece of Roberto Coin jewelry is the result of a process that has very deep roots.

In Vicenza, Italy, the “City of Gold,” in the Roberto Coin atelier, the skilled and patient hands of master craftsmen work with materials. With meticulous, controlled movements, they forge precious metals, set stones and diamonds.

They give life to a new idea, which in turn is a synthesis of inspirations and suggestions that come from afar, just as the art sedimented in the hands of experienced craftsmen, who transmit to young apprentices a know-how made of techniques and secrets: first among them, knowing how to change and evolve.

Pois Moi diamond ring


EUR 5'710

Savoir faire is contaminated day by day with technology, a tool for making more and better, without ever losing sight of the ideal synthesis, the identity of the brand and its history.

This is why the making of every Roberto Coin jewel is a process of creation, which from the idea through matter brings to life perfect works that are immortal in their actual form.

Pois Moi diamond pendant


EUR 9'520

Concentration, balance, extreme precision: it takes many actions and attentions for each new piece of jewelry to come to life with the right shapes, the perfect fit. The art of jewelry is inner and outer dialogue, contact with stones and materials, dialogue with the new object that takes shape, charged with energies, meanings, and above all charged with the future of the person who will wear it.

This is how the quintessence of Italian fine jewelry becomes a metaphor for something greater. Hear from Mr Roberto Coin about his vision for the brand to be eccentric born in unusual way definitely unlike anybody else.

And as a result of such great commitment, the iconic Pois Moi collection was born…

Pois Moi diamond ring


EUR 5'560

Pois Moi diamond earrings


EUR 10'220

Pois Moi diamond pendant


EUR 6'890

The 1930s and 1960s were the inspiration for the polka dot theme and the shape of these jewels, which combine a vintage soul with a very unconventional and ultra-contemporary style. Pois Moi has become an icon in all its different versions, both covered with diamonds and “total gold”.

Pois Moi diamond bangle


EUR 13'250

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