Roberto Coin:
Unveiling the radiance of love

Let’s say that the intersecting space of two people in love is a room. This isn’t just any room. It’s an inner room that both of them carry inside as individuals but it’s also a room where the future plans, the memories and the fears that they have in common coexist.

How many things can fit in that room? Is it simple or is it full of shiny frills? Does it have heavy curtains or airy blue balconies? It’s almost always the light that expresses the character of the relationship – as if two people, when joined together, give off energy that lights up like a lamp.

Love in Verona ring with diamonds


EUR 3'600

Every love has its own room, decorated and illuminated by the people who put their relationship inside of it. The room experiences the cycle of the seasons, because in love, the sun isn’t always shining. The room is defended at all costs – when the rain comes in through a leaky roof or when anger causes an electrical contact to overheat and make sparks.

It’s a space where no one except the couple is permitted to enter, because the room of love is only for two.

Love in Verona ring with diamonds


EUR 4'910

Love in Verona bangle with diamonds


EUR 15'730

Love in Verona has changed its look; it’s become brighter, just like the room of love. Now, it’s made of two bands that live side by side, like a couple, traveling in the same direction at the same speed. Uniting the bands are flowers, the collection’s iconic element and the symbol of the gift of love.

But it’s not the colors that characterize these pieces. It’s the light of the white gold and diamonds, the two distinctive elements, along with the design.

Love in Verona was already considered the collection of love in Roberto Coin’s universe but in this new version, it’s become an ode to space, to dreams and to a life shared between two people in love.

What light brightens your love?

Dive into the magical Roberto Coin world!

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