Does beauty have a flavor?
If it does, what does it taste like?

The first thought that comes to mind is that beauty must have the best flavor of all – as delicate as a rose petal on your palate and as intoxicating as a small explosion that you didn’t expect.

It leaves an aftertaste, too – a memory that stays in your head all day, that you’re not sure you want to talk about and share or keep exclusively to yourself.

Delicate, surprising and unforgettable, the taste of beauty seems to be closely associated with emotions. It’s almost as if savoring it makes you feel alive, in love with beauty and how good it is. A flavor that you can’t wait to taste again and that you never get tired of.

Roberto Coin’s Love in Verona collection is a delectable one.

It was inspired by Verona, a city dedicated to the crystalline sentiment of love. While Venice is the city of intricate legends, Verona is the city of promises made from the heart.

Love in Verona necklace with diamonds


EUR 4'270

Love in Verona ring with diamonds


EUR 3'780

That’s why the design of the pieces in the collection is simple – reminiscent of a pure sentiment that’s linear and direct.

The pieces are decorated only with small diamond petals that are repeated like the words of lovers – they may often be the same but they never lose their intensity; their flavor stays the same over time.

Love in Verona ring with diamonds


EUR 6'170

At Roberto Coin, they tried to identify the taste of beauty but between raw, tantalizing seafood dishes, freshly baked, cream-filled cakes and elaborate delicacies that combine all the seasons of the year into one dish … they weren’t able to come up with just one answer.

Maybe because not even the taste of beauty is standard. Beauty becomes unique in the eyes of the beholder, or better – on the palates of those who taste it.

Savor the taste of Love in Verona.

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