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Personal identity

„I followed my dreams and discovered that I live an unforgettable adventure“

”From the very beginning of this exciting adventure, I wanted Roberto Coin brand, born in an unusual way, to be different from the rest.

Back in 1996, it was clear to me that this brand would be diverse and I knew that it was precisely this quality that would become the essential characteristic of its identity.

It was never my goal to be famous for jewelry design with a similar thematic character that makes it recognizable at first sight, it's too easy, you will agree. While others prefer to offer the same jewelry to different ladies, I would rather offer a different precious stone to each one.

I want to give each member opportunity and freedom of choice. The lady is the one who needs to choose the jewelry to his extent, the jewels that will make her unique. It could be said that the ruby thread that connects all my jewels of the same origin, and also guarantees a real visual symphony.

The fact that this brand is not recognizable at first glance gives me the freedom to create, to be innovative and unique.

Today, after 20 years, I can confirm that my mission is the same as at the outset, a mission that guarantees a dynamic and curious future and, above all, a future that does not stop surprising.”

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