Reveal Your True Colors
with Messika

Messika has chosen to give pride of place to semi-precious and organic stones throughout Lucky Move collection. The talisman now comes in nine different color variations including, onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, white mother-of-pear and turquoise.



One motto: Whatever happens, be yourself and stay true to you!

Like this vibrant and intense stone, the one who takes this mantra is full of panache and is never too-faced. The one who takes this mantra is full of panache and true to themselves. Its predominant green color is due to the presence of copper in its composition. With its concentric waves, it never ceases to fascinate.

As fascinating as it is symbolic, malachite is forever a source of inspiration for Valérie Messika. Here, presented as a mini medallion around your neck, on your wrist or on your finger, the deep green of this luxury piece of jewelry and its thousand gradient bands reveal all the elegance and majesty of the wearer.




One whatchword: remain mysterious, radiant and unpredictable

All it takes is an enigmatic smile that says a lot about a person. This dark blue stone, more or less speckled with gold, is often considered as a gem surrounded by mystery.

Magnetic, intoxicating and almost hypnotic, the Lucky Move in lapis lazuli shines with the light of a thousand suns. In deep blue with gold specks, the mini medallion diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings for women are the real must-have of the season. To be worn both day and night.



Be free-spirited and don’t conform to those around you

Curious and in love with freedom and long journeys, this woman exuberates energy and is keen to discover the world... The world is just waiting to be explored, as long as you travel off the beaten track. Intense blue and revered by Native Americans, this colour evokes a call to escape.

A diamond jewelry piece for women to wear around the neck, on the hand or on the wrist. Infinitely profound, the turquoise blue is intoxicating. A source of freedom and light.



For daring women who are defiant and not faint-hearted.

Both strong and feminine, these women are not afraid to make their voices heard. With intense black, this stone is a symbol of strength. The stone reflects the strong character of those adopting this mantra.



For those who don’t follow others, paving their own path by asserting their unique personality. Its iridescent reflections are very popular and give this stone a special glow.

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